Thursday, May 22, 2008

Post #2

Posted by Sarah

Hmmmm....still not sure if this is for me. I didn't have any time last night to play around with Blogger and I still have questions.

Can I load photo albums?
Are comments easy to post?
Can I track who visits my site?
Can I get updates when my friends post to their blog?

That's what I get with Xanga. I just wish I could get Xanga when I'm not at home!

My background isn't even loading correctly on my screen. Do you all see a landscape behind the words? Boo.


Rachel said...

Welcome to blogger - I can't answer all your questions, but I do see your landscape in the background. And it's pretty easy to read comments (and you'll probably even get an email saying I left you one). I do think there's some way to see when people update, but I'm not sure how........I just go and check.

Anyhow- have an awesome day!