Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cricuts and One Big Crazy Family

Posted by Sarah

Blogger post...forgot to turn on my computer at home so that I could remote to it (so I can post to Xanga). I hate it when I forget things like that.

What a super Memorial Day weekend! Friday night Ry and I went to dinner at The Olive Garden (one of my favorite restaurants) . It was even more special because Ry had received a gift certificate to the restaurant from a choir director that he had played for her choir. What an awesome thank you! We ate for free! Afterward we putzed around Springfield; going to Origins for me to pickup my favorite face lotion and going to Guitar Center for Ry to pick up some new snare drum heads.

Saturday was a full day. Ry went to Warrensburg to help his dad move Ry's brother out of his apartment. While he was doing that, I went home to Jerico to see my parents. It wasn't really a great visit. Everyone was so cranky! I did have fun with my mom playing around on her Cricut machine. WOW! I want one of those! We made some of the coolest cards. I love making cards and these turned out so nice. One of these days when I save up enough pennies...I'm buying a Cricut!

Sunday was just as eventful, Ry still helping his folks and I went to Branson. I got a new purse and it is fabulous. I have been on the search for a new purse for months now and refuse to buy one unless it is exactly what I want. I'm probably too picky, but when you're on a budget and purse shopping you have to be pretty picky. The Wilson's Leather Outlet store was having a closeout sale and I found the perfect purse. Not only that, I found it at 75% off!

Yesterday was a super lazy day for the both of us. We just vegged on the sofa and watched an ENTIRE day of Jon and Kate Plus Eight on TLC. I adore that show. They were running a marathon of their episodes and we watched nearly all of them I think. We never do things like that, being lazy all day and just watching television. It was nice just relaxing, but I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon. I felt so worthless!

Today it is back at work. Today I am celebrating 5 years at Guaranty Bank. Happy Anniversary to me. :)

Oh, and I didn't workout today. Sad, sad Sarah. I didn't make it up with the alarm at 4:30 this morning. I totally slept in. I'll have to workout tonight. I hate that. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

TODAY I LOVE: being fully vested in my company's ESOP plan (finally) and my mom's Cricut machine


jmgw said...

I watched the Jon & Kate marathon also!!! Kate is totally my hero!!! I have learned so much from her!!!!