Saturday, June 28, 2008

Violet Hill

Posted by Sarah

6:00am- 7.05 miles on Galloway/James River Trail- COMPLETED (1:06:55, OR 9:29/MILE)

Ry's Stats for the day:

6:00am- 4 miles on the Galloway Trail- COMPLETED (41:40 OR 10:24/MILE)

It was a fantastic run. Neither Ry nor I wanted to get out of bed at 5:00am this morning, it was thundering and lightening and raining, but we sucked it up and went out with the group. It actually could not have been more perfect running weather. It was cloudy and overcast, a cool breeze, and a light rain. I could see the lightening in the distance while I was running, but it stayed away from us while we were out there. However, I finished at just the right time because when we went back to the car to leave it just started dumping water! I felt sorry for all those groups that started at 7am this morning. They were wet! Ry did SO, SO VERY GOOD! I'm just above and beyond proud of him. He's pumped about running right now because he had such a good run, as he should be. He said he's going to commit to training and that makes my heart swell I'm so happy about it. Ry wants me to get a new Garmin now so that he can use my old one! I'm all for that! :)

I only had one little issue and it was my knees. They were achy the last couple miles. I need to get to the bottom of that. This is the longest distance I've done since Nashville. Think that could be it?

Last night we spent the evening with our friends M & L. I tell you what, that was exactly what I needed to put this week behind me. I love and care for those two so very much and we just had a relaxed night of dinner and laughter. What great friends!

Well, I need to get to my homework. I have a double batch to get completed this weekend because of the holiday. I can't wait for next weekend....St. Louis here I come!

TODAY I LOVE: running with my husband (when he's not complaining) and hot sweet tea


RunnerGirl said...

What a great run!! And GO RY! I'm glad you got done before it started pouring buckets...we had massive storms at the lake Friday night that scared me to no end. I didn't go to sleep until 2am because I thought the rain and wind would blow the windows out!!

So...I need Garmin suggestions! I really want one to track my miles out in Licking. :)