Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Posted by Sarah

Another morning and no workout. This morning there was actually a reason, well, two reasons. I had to take my pretty new car into Nissan this morning to get serviced. It's time for the oil change and general checkup. I also wanted them to check my tire. Yesterday the low tire pressure light came on and I am petrified of airing up my tires. No, I'm not just being a girly-girl...I had a tire blow up in my face about a year ago. It's frightening! My super nice co-worker Matt took my car to air up the tires and found a screw in my back tire. He took out the screw and plugged it (again, SUPER-nice co-worker). My car had to be at the dealership by 7:30ish, so I wouldn't have had quality time to workout this morning. The second reason for my non-workout- nasty tornado storms last night. I was taking shelter in the closet with the cats at 12:30 this morning! I didn't get back to bed until 1:30am and it was after 2:00am before I fell asleep. Boo. Anyway...I hope, hope, hope to get a good workout in tonight. I did a short little 1 mile run last night just to get away from the computer.

I spent 2 and a half hours on homework last night. Yikes! I did get a perfect 10 points for my work, but still...that's a lot of time. It was 2 and a half hours on only 7 questions!! I'm going to be an accounting guru by the time I'm finished with this class.

It looks like we're getting ready to get more storms. Boo.

TODAY I LOVE: learning new things and good friends who help me through my bad mood (thank you M, A, and J!)

My new Runner's World came in the mail!