Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blessing In The Storm

Posted by Sarah

pm- 5 mile run- PENDING

I woke up with the headache that I went to bed with this morning, so I made an early am call to Jackie to tell her I couldn't run. I got up and took some more meds and went back to sleep. I feel relatively human by now. I hate migraines. Those of you out there that are blessed not to have them are so lucky. Well anyway, I'll have to run tonight since I didn't get it done this morning.

Yesterday not only did I get Ry and I signed up for the KC half, I also got us signed up for a class at our church called "The Radically Normal Christian Life". It helps us arm ourselves against all the little things that the devil uses to poke holes in our Christian armour. I need some super reinforcement! Ry and I will enjoy the class.

I had an extra special blessing this morning. I called my dad on my way to work and he had a happy tone in his voice and he actually laughed! He was laughing at himself, mind you, but he was still laughing. The tone of his voice just brought me this great joy!

This is my last day before my vacation! Wah-hoo! I have so, so very much to get accomplished today so that my desk is in order and all my loose ends are as tied up as possible before I can leave, but that's alright.

Please check out they lyrics to my song of the day, "Blessing in the Storm" by Kirk Franklin. It is such a blessing! Give this song a listen if you have the time, it will have you swaying and singing!

TODAY I LOVE: Visine eye drops for contacts and retractable extra fine black Sharpies (what a great invention!)

SONG OF THE DAY: "Blessing in the Storm" by Kirk Franklin


JenZen said...

YEAH for vacation!!! Have FUN!!!!

JenZen said...

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