Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sky Is Falling

Posted by Sarah

5:00am- 3.01 mile run on Fremont/Independence- COMPLETED 25:57 (8:37/mile)
5:30am- 40 minutes of upper body lifting- COMPLETED

This morning's run was brutal! It wasn't coming easy this morning but we busted it out anyway. Jackie (the new gal I'm running with in the mornings) is so fast! It takes all I have to keep up with her. I think she'll make me a better, faster runner because I'm constantly trying to keep up with her without dying. That was difficult to do this morning. She was having a little trouble too so I don't feel so bad about breathing like a fat cow while running! :)

I think I've nailed down my knee/feet problem. My new shoes. They are killing me. They have hurt my feet since my first run in them but I just thought it was because my feet were so accustomed to my old shoes that new shoes with good structure hurt my feet initially. It's not getting any better. Last night Ry and I went out for a little run and I thought I was going to have to stop. My knees, my feet, and my hips were just in agony. This morning I ran in my old Asics and I had no issues whatsoever. Weird. I have no idea what I'm going to do. I'm going to call the local store and see if maybe some new inserts will fix the situation or I'm going to have to try to sell them and get different shoes. Any ideas anyone?

Well, I gave blood yesterday for the first time. I went through it like a pro and didn't even pass out! Those of you that know me well realize what a big feat that is! I pass out doing nothing. Anyway, I was only a little woozy for a few hours afterward and then I was fine. Not only that but I hardly even bruised at all! I think all the water I drank beforehand really helped.

Much work to do today! I'm only working half a day because I have to go home and get some stuff done and meet some people at the house. I hope I have time to squeeze a nap in! :)

TODAY I LOVE: running really fast and not dying and relaxing with my husband (I miss this)


Evan's Mom said...

What a great workout! You're time is fantastic! Keep up the great work. :-)

Sarah Jo said...

I hope you figure out what's wrong with your shoes/feet. Mine went through a phase like that after the half marathon, but I think it was me, mostly, not my shoes.

I posted pics from the Running of the Squirrels!

anastasia said...

i've been having some problems with my right knee. i think i found out why. i was kinda massaging it and i found a knot where most of the discomfort is coming from. i think i may need a real massage therapist to work on it if ice doesn't work.

JenZen said...

Great job girl!!! You're smokin with your sub nines! Keep up the great work. Finding someone faster always makes you work harder.