Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Posted by Sarah

5:00am- 3.01 miles on Fremont/Independence- COMPLETED 28:11 (9:21/mile)
5:40am- 60 minutes of lifting- upper and lower body- COMPLETED

I bought arch supports for my shoes last night. I spoke with our local running store yesterday and they said that my new shoes, Mizuno Inspire 4's, do not have as much internal arch support as the shoes I was using previously, Asic 2120's. As such, when I "downgraded" to the Mizuno's (downgrade is their word, not mine) I lost the arch support that my foot was accustomed to and now the lack of arch support is making me pronate more than normal, which in turn is making my foot strike differently and is messing up my feet, legs, knees, and hips. So, I went to the store and bought some arch supports. I will did help out some on my run this morning. However, the longer the run went the more my knees and ankles started hurting. :( I'm sad to say that it looks like another new pair of shoes is on the horizon. This is so strange to say, but I have absolutely no desire to purchase another new pair of running shoes. We don't have the extra money and what money we do have I don't want to part with for another new pair of shoes. However, I can't let my knees get injured.

One more day until the weekend! Yay! I'm so ready for a relaxing weekend with my husband. We are just going to goof off, take naps, play some mini-golf, hang by the pool, and watch some fireworks. Sounds good, huh? :)

TODAY I LOVE: getting a good grade on my test and having my homework finished for the entire week


JenZen said...

I had a similar problem with a pair of Mizunos. I loved them at first and then they just broke down quickly and it felt like I was running on cardboard. My favs are my Asics and now my Saucony and Brooks shoes. They ARE so dang expensive though. Luckily the running store here gives me a 15% discount b/c I run with a sponsored group. :-D Definitely take it easy and watch those knees. They will sideline you in a minute.

I've pretty much decided to run San Antonio! Ack! I am SOO nervous. It will be my first full, but I figure what a great one to run!