Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey Katie

Posted by Sarah

I'm recovering quite nicely from the half this past weekend. It somewhat shocked me how sore I actually was, and definitely made me realize that if I can squeak out a finish at San Antonio I am going to be immobile from soreness for a while. Our bodies are amazing things, but trying to run a half marathon after a 9-week hiatus is not the smartest thing to do. I can only imagine how a full marathon is going to feel. Call me a masochist, but I'm kinda ready for it! :)

I have GOT to get back into the gym. Even if I don't run a lot (long distances) to save myself for Texas I need to get some metabolism and calories moving. I am not even going to tell you how much pudge I've put on since I've stopped exercising. It's scary. Ah well, it's all in my control I just need to take care of it. I can't start today because I have to finish my package of peanut M&M's that I got last night. :) Like Scarlett says, "I'll worry about it tomorrow."

Today is a very special day. It is my friend Johnna's birthday! Happy Birthday Johnna!!!

These last couple of days I have let negativity overtake me at work. I need to work on being more positive and uplifting. That is my goal for the remainder of the week.

Oh, one more thing, Ry has officially become a running junkie. :) I am so happy! I had my doubts after the half that he would ever want to do it again (well, he told me he was NEVER doing that again.) Now that the pain has worn off he's already looking for his next race, how to train in the "off season", and how to get faster. I love it. I love him too.

TODAY I LOVE: the singer Josh Kelley and sporting events

SONG OF THE DAY: "Hey Katie" by Josh Kelley


JenZen said...

Ha - that is SO awesome about Ry getting hooked. The exact same thing happened to me. I used to HATE running and then I ran my first half and I was a junkie. Heee... I'm despeartely trying to get Jeff to run one with me b/c I know the same thing will happen to him. He's so stinkin' athletic though, that he'll be beating me in no time. Grrr...

Willie said...

Endorphins are addictive! All it takes is one long run and you can be hooked. Great that your husband has joined us junkies. It's only a short time before he figures out how great a marathon must feel. Before you know it he will living on Gu and planning his next long run.

anastasia said...

aaww, you so lucky to have a running buddy and that's someone you love!