Thursday, November 13, 2008

Almost There

Posted by Sarah

Well, we're in Texas. It's about 4pm on Thursday afternoon and we just got back to the motel to rest for a bit before heading out again.

First of all, let me tell ya, this city is beautiful. The weather couldn't be better. When we left Missouri the temps were 35 degrees. When we pulled into San Antonio the temp was 81 degrees! Quite a difference! Luckily Texas is getting a "cold front" in on Saturday that will drop temps for the marathon down in the sixties.

We're having such a super time. I've got some great photos to show you when I get home. Yesterday we went to the San Antonio Zoo and the Riverwalk for the first time. Ry was love at first sight with that place. It was too cute. The zoo was incredible. Funny story- we were watching these gibbons (a monkey) and I started chatting with this old man standing next to me (as I tend to do). He was telling us the names of the monkeys. The lucky monkey couple just had a baby monkey about a year and a half ago. The mom (Mia), the dad (Mel), and baby (Gibson) were just playing around in their area. The funny part of the story is this man's job- he's the "babysitter" for little Gibson. See, Gibson is so small he can fit through the fencing around his area. He's been known to slip out and visit with the folks outside! This man (a docent at the zoo) his job is to sit and watch little Gibson and get him back in the area if he comes out. While we were there watching Gibson got out! I laughed so hard because watching that man yell at Gibson and spray him with a water bottle to get back in was just like what we do with George when he gets someplace he's not supposed to be. I've got some cute photos of the family.

Today was spent touring all the mission remains in San Antonio. Wowza, folks...beautiful. Photos to come.

Tomorrow we are going to the expo at the Alamodome to pick up my race packet and do some shopping...AND MEET JEN AND HER HUSBAND! Wha-hoo! Then tomorrow night we are going to the Spurs versus Rockets NBA game.

Seaworld is on the agenda for Saturday along with some much needed rest on Saturday night, and then marathon on Sunday. Good times.

Well, I'm going to catch a tiny nap and then it's back to the city.

OH, one more thing, I actually got to go in to a REAL Bare Escentuals store on the mall yesterday. Oh. My. Gosh. I was in heaven.

TODAY I LOVE: being a tourist


Willie said...

So glad you are having a good time down there. Good luck with the marathon and take lots of pictures.

Keep those monkeys in their cages!!! Never thought I'd hear of a job called "keep the monkey in the cage". Maybe that could be a new career for me, I'm sure it's a lot like raising children.

JenZen said...

YEAH!!!! I'll see you in a few hours!!!!

Anonymous said...
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anastasia said...

good luck and rock the race, superstar!