Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Home

Posted by Sarah

You have no idea just how excited I am to finally say that. It is a really long 11.5 hour car ride home after you just ran a marathon the day before. I think I am disabled from the waist down from sitting so long. :) Actually, probably from the shoulders down. I am so stiff.

I'll try to give you a good race report later with some pictures. To sum up this entire past week- it was amazing. Ryan and I had a great vacation and I have 387 pictures to prove it. :) We went everywhere and did everything in San Antonio possible.

As far as the marathon, well, I was in a world-record crowd for an inaugural race. There were just over 33,000 runners for this race, 10,000 of them running the marathon alone. That is something. As far as me personally, well, this wasn't the best race for me by FAR but I do have to say this is one accomplishment that means more to me than some of my others. This race was completed on pure stupidity. If you should ask someone to run a full marathon, 26.2 miles, having not trained in 13 weeks they would laugh at you. But I did it. It was a mental struggle from the first mile. At mile 17 I had come to the conclusion that I wasn't going to finish, it hurt too much, I wasn't ready (by this time I am pretty much just walking.) I think I walked/jogged the rest of the way in, fighting with myself the entire way. I was just praying to God silently in my head, please just get me to the next marker, and inevitably He did. It was a song, or I passed someone with "I am a cancer survivor" on their shirt, or passing someone that was in the military, but every time I wanted to give up something came my way that kept me going. After mile 18 I had to stop and stretch out the cramps in my calves and hamstrings every mile. I finally saw the Alamodome and about started crying. It was wonderful. They placed the finish line up a hill and around a corner (go figure) and I was determined to run to the finish. I did. I finished 26.2 (actually 26.36) miles in 6:05:10 (or 13:56 per mile). That is an incredibly long time to be on your feet. Blah. As I said before, this really was a crappy marathon for me, but it has told me a lot about myself and for that I am thankful. I learned that I have incredible mental discipline and control and that I can set goals and follow them through, no matter the circumstances.

Now, all that being said, I'm not doing another marathon until next fall. I need to continue to heal from the groin injury (and now from this race) and I want to train properly for the next run. I need to get back in shape all around and then try again. I might do a half marathon in the spring with Ryan, but not another full until I can train properly for it.

In other news, I FINALLY got to meet Jen, Jeff, and their wonderful family. Folks, they were lifesavers for me and Ryan! Not only did they pick us up at the motel on race day and let Ryan tag along with them ALL DAY, they all waited for me and cheered me on in the end. How awesome is that? I tell ya, God is so awesome. How do I get so lucky? Jen, if you're reading this, thank you so much for everything. You are AMAZING and I won't steal your thunder telling about your race, but I'm so very proud of you!!!!

Well, I'm going to hop in the shower (more like lurch, lunge, crawl to the shower) and then go to bed. I'm exhausted and I have to work tomorrow.

TODAY I LOVE: my pretty new medal and being home with my kitties


JenZen said...

No - YOU were awesome!! OMG - I cannot even imagine the pain you were/are feeling after doing that race with your injuries and being off for 12 weeks. You FINISHED and seriously - you beat a TON of people who HAD trained for the race. Thank you, thank you SO much for keeping me sane and helping me train and giving me advice. You were my marathon angel and I'm SOOOO glad that I got to meet you guys!

My family TOTALLY loved you and Ryan and I think they have now adopted Ryan. My niece was so excited that she finally wasn't the toilet paper in the Wii games. ;)

Now Jeff has the bug and wants to do the Nashville half. :)

Take care of yourself girl!! I'm off to take some Advil.

anastasia said...

i'm so proud of you (and jen and ryan) that i'm so overjoyed for you! you did it and finished the race despite all kinds of things going against you! you're such an inspiration. i think i'm going to cry. last week, my motivation crashed and i wanted to quit training although the l.a. half marathon (i'm doing another one on dec. 07) is in three weeks! i did two runs last week and my motivation was so gone that i would stop every half mile, get so emotionally worked up and cry because i just did not want to run anymore. i'm better now, but just reading your entry just inspired me so much. :-)

Willie said...

You are truly a blessing, do you know that? Way to push through and finish. It may sound crazy to others but I understand completely. It's not stupid, it's dedication. Way to go.

Evan's Mom said...

Yay Sarah!!! I'm so proud of you!! Way to go! You've got incredible mental resolve and strenght.