Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life is Short

Posted by Sarah

The cardiologist appointment went about as well as expected. Yet another test. She is convinced that my problem is something called vasovagal syncope, with my trigger being heat related. As a final confirmation she wants to do a tilt-table test on me. This requires me to be strapped to a table, have the table tilted at a 60 degree angle, then have fluids sent through my body. After about 30-45 minutes of hanging there with them watching my heart on the monitors, if I haven't passed out, they will start pumping medicine through my IV to make my heart speed up. I have to have that for 30-45 minutes as well. The purpose of the test is to recreate what happens in my body when I have my episodes. Either way the doctor is convinced this is what I have and the test will I guess determine if she wants to put me on meds for it or have me continue to make adjustments to my lifestyle to accommodate my episodes. I'm really kind of nervous about them making my heart race, but she (the cardiologist) will be in there the whole time. So, let's make Sarah pass out!

I get a night at home tonight! Rock on! Ry has rehearsal at church tonight for who only knows how long, so I get to veg at home. Yay! I have a room full of Christmas presents to wrap. I hope I can keep George Carlos off the wrapping paper and out of the bows. Oh my, he's gonna love it.

I decided this morning while I was in the shower that I would long to have a laptop of my very own. With my new job it would be really nice for different projects. I wonder if there will be any good deals closer to Christmas. Granted, this is the very last thing we need to purchase with a struggling economy, but if any of you have seen any phenomenal deals- send them my way!

TODAY I LOVE: Christmas and Christmas treats

SONG OF THE DAY: "Life is Short" by Butterfly Boucher


JenZen said...

That test does not sound like fun. When do you have to go in for it? I'll be sending you well wishes and thoughts and prayers!

Omg..Katie always has to "help" me wrap presents by standing on the paper, the tape, the ribbon and sniffing everything. She's a mess.

Take care!