Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eyes on Fire

Posted by Sarah

I have my cardiologist appointment today. It is the follow-up appointment to my appointment back in September. I'm not looking forward to this for several reasons: it's cold and I don't like stripping down into a thin gown when it is cold, I can't understand a word that this doctor says because she's Indian with a VERY thick accent, and lastly she's going to tell me everything I already know with no answers. Bah! It's just an excuse to get my money. I'm convinced.

Some good news- I have officially found my trainer. Her name is Jessi Neal and she runs Next Level Fitness here in Springfield. She is amazing. She is also a nurse, which is very reassuring should I have any issues with passing out or asthma. I am down to my last decision...do I want 12 personal training sessions with her one-on-one OR do I want personal training in a group setting (groups no bigger than 12 individuals) with 24 sessions for the same amount of money. I'm torn. I need to make my decision quick because both options are filling up on her calendar and I want to be sure my name is in one of those places come the first of the year!

This weekend was both good and bad. Friday night we went to Silver Dollar City and it was just lovely. My husband blesses me so very much. I'm a super lucky girl. He took me to see the tree, bought me wassail AND taffy, and gave me kisses under the lights. It was a good night. It was the next day that I got sick. :) Stupidly, Ry and I continued on with our dogged schedule for the weekend. We went to Warrensburg to see Danae (my brother-in-law's official fiance) graduate college. They also got engaged this weekend! Yay! It was so very nice to see them. It's been a long time. After that Ry and I headed south to go to Pittsburg State to watch our Bearcats play. Oh, we also made a pit stop in Lamar to say hello to my brother Clay. By the time the game started Ry and I both felt like crap. On Sunday, well, I only made it to one of the 4 events I had scheduled. Ugh, I would swear someone hit me with a truck and forgot to tell me about it. I'm feeling marginally better everyday, no fever anymore, just very very tired and a lot of drainage. It's beautiful. :)

No word yet on when I get to move to my new job.

Well, have a great day everyone and be safe! It's cold outside and stuff is falling from the sky...dangerous driving conditions. Be careful, my friends!

TODAY I LOVE: Emergen-C and humifiers

SONG OF THE DAY: "Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation


Rachel said...

How did your appt go - hopefully you got some answers!! The unknown is so very frustrating.

HUGS and Merry Christmas!

Willie said...

Hope everything went well with your doctor. Don't get me started on doctors, but you are right, they are mostly out for your money.

You must SLOW DOWN girl! You're wearing yourself out and making yourself sick. Christmas is a great time to veg in front of a movie and a fire with someone you love. Make sure you take time to do that, A LOT! You need the rest.