Monday, December 01, 2008

Supermassive Black Hole

Posted by Sarah

Day 1:

Successful! My day began at 4:30 this morning with me slowly shuffling out of my warm bed into the frigid morning. I slipped my way on the frosty roads to the Y and went in for my first day back. I lifted for 30 minutes, focusing on my arms and chest. Following the lifting, I did a 60 minute spin class. If there were a term in the dictionary for "sucking wind" there would have been a picture of me right next to it. About 20-minutes into the class I would have welcomed death. I cannot believe just how out of shape I have become. It is hard not to become defeated, but I know I must plod on and get back in the groove. If I don't well, then, I'll always be sucking wind. I'm really glad I'm going back now because I want to have at least some sort of foundation before I get my trainer.

Right now I am wobbly, working on being stiff, tired, and all together pleased with myself. It hurt but I did it. You have to start somewhere.

Tomorrow I will take my Tone to the Max class. :)

I had an altogether great holiday weekend. It was so very nice seeing my family on Saturday. My brother was in a lot of pain but he came anyway. I love them so much.

It snowed here yesterday and it was beautiful. I didn't think it was going to stick, but our roads were frozen this morning. It took me forever to get to work because of the accidents. I nearly was in a couple of them myself. The roads are solid black ice. I hope we warm up tomorrow like they said and it clears off.

In other news, please everyone please pray for my dear friends Jarred and Johnna's baby Evan. This poor little fella is having a really tough time lately and he needs to feel better. The doctors are having trouble figuring out what is going on and Evan is just suffering for it and his parents are wearing themselves thin with worry. Please pray!

TODAY I LOVE: wobbly arms and a warm coat

SONG OF THE DAY: "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse


Evan's Mom said...

Thank you Sarah. The words fall short of want I want to express. Thank you for keep us in your prayers.

Willie said...

Good job! You rock, so proud of you for getting out of bed and getting it done!

Keep it up,

JenZen said...

4:30!!!! OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! Way to go girl! That's so awesome. I did some ab work for the first time in like FOREVER last week and they are STILL sore. HAHAHA...I'm such a wuss.

anastasia said...

hope evan gets better and the doctors figure out what's happening to him...hope it's something curable too!

i'm jealous that the Y you go to has cool classes and a lot of classes to choose from...including morning classes. the Y that i go to only has swim classes and karate classes. during the day/morning, it turns into daycare for the working parents who have kids.