Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Somebody Hates Me

Posted by Sarah

I didn't have time to post yesterday, but Day 2 was successful. I got up and got in a workout. Today I am beyond sore. Today is not so successful for two reasons. I am so sore that I couldn't see the point of how a workout would benefit me. I can't hardly move my muscles! My friend Mark is suggesting protein supplements to offset the soreness. I'm going to research into that. Secondly, I woke up with a nasty migraine and could hardly remember my name much less the fact that I needed to go to spin class. Migraines are not fun, if you've never experienced the phenomena of a migraine I consider you a blessed being. I took a very happy pill and slept for a few more hours. After I was pleasantly numb and brain dead I went to work. :)

I'm almost alive again right now. I'm disappointed in the lack of workout, but maybe Ryan and I will do something tonight if we don't spend the evening putting up Christmas decorations.

It is currently raining outside and the temperature is falling. I'm betting we'll have snow by this afternoon. That is exciting as long as it doesn't freeze.

I got some great news today and I really want to share it all with you but it's a bit too early for that. All I can ask is that you all think of me at roughly 9am tomorrow. Please give me courage, confidence, and knowledge.

TODAY I LOVE: pretty pink pain pills and hot sweet tea

SONG OF THE DAY: "Somebody Hates Me" by Reel Big Fish


Willie said...

SNOW Rocks! I want snow so bad I can't stand it.

So about the migraine, hope you got over it and had fun with Ry tonight.

JenZen said...

OHH NOOO...Girl - I am SO sorry about your migraine. Those are the WORST!!! ugh!! Yeah for happy pills. At least the happy pills helped make you forget about the soreness.

News....hmmmm...are you preggers??? :D heee...

jmgw said...

News????? What news???? I am about to die here!!!!

anastasia said...

i heard the same thing about protein (food or supplements) offsetting soreness. i hope you're less sore now. migraines suck!