Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hometown Glory

Posted by Sarah

9:45am- 3 miles on Galloway Trail with Ry- COMPLETED 31:09

We really should have gotten up earlier to run. It was cloudy, which was nice, but it was already 73 degrees with 79% humidity when we left to run. The air was so thick. We had just gotten back in the car when it started raining.

Last night I went with some of my girl co-workers to see the Sex and the City movie. It was hysterical! I had such a good time with the girls. We went out to dinner at T.G.I. Friday's before the movie and then went to the 7:45pm showing. It was sold out! It was so funny because the theatre was full of mostly women, most of which dressed up to the nines with their girlfriends to come. Everyone would laugh and cheer and clap at certain parts of the movie. Oh gosh, when the opening song started the whole theatre just exploded with cheers. So fun!

After the movie I came home to Ry and our little "children." George Carlos does indeed have an upper respiratory infection. Because of this he is not allowed to be around Callie because it is very contagious. I hope she doesn't get it! We have to give the little guy medicated eye drops twice a day. You can tell he's starting to feel better because he's like a different cat. He definitely has a set of lungs (he is a really loud cryer) and he LOVES to play. With anything. His whole world is a toy. He's a lot of fun. The fact that we have to keep the cats apart might actually work out in order to make Callie get used to the fact there is another cat in the house. As much as he cries she definitely knows he is there!

TODAY I LOVE: my get-up-and-gogi smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe and Saturday's in the park


JenZen said...

I did the same thing today...waited too long to run. I got 4 miles in, but by that last mile it was brutal hot. It really slowed me down.

I wanna see SATC SO BADLY!!! I have to wait until next weekend because the ILLs (the In-Law Lifezappers) are in all week.

Yeah - found the profile pic thing, but please, please send me some code. I'm navigating new territory here. Ha! Have a great day girl!