Sunday, June 01, 2008

How Deep Is Your Love

Posted by Sarah

We had a great church service this morning. Ry had to play both services so it was a busy one. Ben Pilgreen, our new minister for our new service beginning in August was preaching. He is excellent. I really like him. Ry had to play for services again tonight too! I didn't go with him today. I'm listening/watching it online though. Our church is getting ready to change things around in August. We'll have 3 services in the morning, two of them a "blended" service (like we currently have) and then our last service will be very contemporary. I hope it doesn't provide a split to our church, but we'll see. Ben will be preaching in the contemporary service. Ry and I are torn and unsure as to what service we will be attending. Ry might be asked to play the third service, but we don't know that yet either. I would like to get back to teaching a preschool Sunday school class and hope to do so in the fall. I miss my little 4-5 year-olds! Not only that, I just need to get more involved. I'm not at my church enough, volunteering enough, doing enough.

Our new kitty George Carlos is a little animal. He's a wild one! We should have called him George of the Jungle! We've let him out to run around today while Callie is out. She doesn't make any noise about him unless he gets within maybe 5 in of her. Then she growls. That's not too bad. Those claws...they have got to go. My legs are getting shred to ribbons! He's just so precious. My Callie Cat is doing so good. We're giving her extra lovin' too for being such a good kitty.

Congrats to little Garrett Anthony and Isabel Grace who were baptized today at Wesley United Methodist Church! Yay! We weren't able to come to the ceremony because Ry had to play in our church, but I lifted an extra prayer in church for them today. I know that Misty and Joel will raise them in a Christ-like home and help them lead a Godly life. Bless your family!

Crazy week ahead...I hope to get some serious workouts in. I'm thinking 2 days of spinning, at least 3-4 days of serious lifting, 2 days of some additional various cardio besides the spinning, and maybe a Tone to the Max class. Oh, and we have our Running of the Squirrels 5K this weekend. Fun times!

TODAY I LOVE: my individual special gifts from God and the start of a new week