Friday, May 30, 2008

How To Save A Life

Posted by Sarah

Please welcome the new arrival to our family, George Carlos! This little darling was welcomed into this world on April 8, 2008 and has now come to reside at our loving home. He is so precious an I already love him to bits. Callie, his new big sister, is not nearly ready to have the little guy around, but I'm sure she will come around. They had a staring/hissing contest last night. Callie was staring at George through the pet taxi and George was staring and hissing right back. It was funny. We'll keep them separate for a while and slowly get them used to each other. How can you not with that sweet little face? He is at the vet today getting all the new kitty tests and all his vaccines. Also, the poor little guy has a cold. It's so sad! His eyes are all cloudy and goopy and he's sneezing non-stop. He'll get some antibiotics at the vet today.
I'll try to have more pictures of my "children" this weekend. It's so fun. My Callie baby was so lovey last night. She wasn't even furious at us for bringing the imposter into the house. I would imagine she doesn't realize he's actually staying and we're not just cat-sitting. We'll see. Stay tuned for updates.
No workout today. I know, I know...sadness abounds. I had to take the kitty to vet first thing this morning on my way to work and I COULDN'T leave him in the car while I worked out. Ry and I are going on a run tomorrow. I'll make up for all this slacking off next week. I promise.
Have a happy Friday everyone!
TODAY I LOVE: sweet baby kitties and their loveable big sisters and girl's night out tonight!


JenZen said...

Hey girl!! I came over to the dark side! I'm trying to post on both, but I'm always up for something new and fun. My page is boring right now. Must. Make. It. Pretty. Ha. But that'll give me something to do while Jeff's parents are in town. Hee...

JenZen said...

OK - how do I get my picture on my "About Me" thingy?? I'm clueless???