Thursday, May 29, 2008


Posted by Sarah

No workout today. I had to get up and put icing on a cake for work. It's kind of a low fat cake that has a coolwhip based icing so I couldn't do it early and leave it in the car while I was at the gym. I would have had a chocolate mess all over my pretty new car.

Tonight we have Grey's Club. Well, actually, since Grey's Anatomy is over now we're going to have Betty's Club and catch up on all our episodes of Ugly Betty that we missed. I have such a good time with The Club. We get to spend time with our friends Mark and Laura. Between the four of us, our lives are so hectic that these nights are just time we carve out to get together. It's nice. Not only do we get to spend time with our friends tonight, we get to pick up our new addition to the family- George Carlos. He is our new kitty! I'll post pictures just as soon as we get him. He is so precious. I realize his name is a little...strange. I wanted to name him George and Ry wanted to name him Carlos and neither of us wanted to compromise. We just smooshed them together. Our new baby, just over 7-weeks old, George Carlos.

I start my summer classes on Monday. I'm excited about it. I hope I do alright! I haven't been back to school since I graduated college. Principles of I come! They put me in a 200 level class because I've already had all my college math requirements. That's scary because I don't remember too much from those classes. I guess as long as I just have to deal with the basic add, subtract, multiply, divide- I'm ok. It's the algebraic functions that will kill me. Surely you don't have those in accounting?

TODAY I LOVE: adding photo albums to my blog and yummy food days at work


Marybeth said...

George Carlos! Hystarical!
I have a blogspot site... it's:
I haven't updated it in forever... i suppose I should!

Addie said...

Yay for George Carlos! I'm so happy your family is expanding. :)

Good luck with classes on Monday...You'll do great!