Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All Bow Down

Posted by Sarah

No workout this morning. I'm sore. Go ahead, scream at me. My logic was this- a couple weeks ago I kept working out when I got that total body soreness and continued to make myself so sore that I couldn't workout for a few days and could barely walk. I don't want that! I took today off so that my muscles could heal for a good workout the rest of the week. No, I didn't just be lazy. :)

I got some terrible, terrible news last night. My dear friend Lex lost her baby. I don't believe I'm speaking out of turn by writing this on my blog, because I simply do it because I want everyone to pray. Please pray that God heals both her heart and her body. I know there is a plan and there is a reason this terrible thing had to happen, but it doesn't make it hurt any less. There is a new angel in heaven today...

Last night Ry and I went to the Springfield Cardinals game with my co-workers. It was a lot of fun just hanging out and watching a great game. The weather was perfect. The only spot on the night was a stray foul ball that bonked one of our tellers on the head. She had to get stitches! And no, she didn't just sit there and not duck from the ball, it bounced and hit her. Ouch! I'm terrified of foul balls.

TODAY I LOVE: salads with tons of fresh veggies and my cinnamon vanilla candle


RunnerGirl said...

Oh no!! Oh my gosh, that's so, so terrible about Lex. I'll be praying for her...that's so, so sad.

anastasia said...

sometimes you have to listen to your body and adjust your work out schedule accordingly, even if it means taking a rest day.

i hope lex gets better. that's so sad about what happened!

tulsasahms said...

I'm so sorry for Lex! That's absolutely horrific. I'll be keeping her in my prayers. Poor dear girl.