Thursday, June 12, 2008


Posted by Sarah

5:15am- 45 minutes of lifting (legs (including lunges and squats) and abs) COMPLETED
6:00am- 45 minutes of elliptical- COMPLETED

I love working out in the morning. I'll just say it. When I suck it up and get out of bed and get my workout in before work I feel so good. I feel like the champion of the world. I feel like I can accomplish anything the day throws at me. I feel like I have completed something. I feel good. I like to secretly think that while nearly all the world's population is sleeping- I'm bettering myself and getting stronger and leaner. Happy day.

The Y now has a running group that meets on MWF from 6:00-7:00. It includes pacers for 8, 9, 10, and 11 minute mile folks! Then on Wednesdays you go meet on the track and do hills, thrills, and drills. Wow! I think I might run with them tomorrow. I'll have to bust my booty to get showered and ready for work by 8:00, but I'll give it a shot. This group could be the answer to my running alone problem for this upcoming marathon training. Speaking of which, training begins in 16 days!! Only 2 more Saturdays that I get to sleep in...

Lex brought dinner over to the house last night and hung out for a few hours. It was my last time to get to spend time with her for a long while. She is leaving for Arizona in 2 days. I did pretty good in holding it together while she was at the house, but after she left...yikes. I'm such an emotional gal. I'm just sad. She's been a HUGE part of my life for so long now...I can't believe she won't be a drive-to-the-gym away from me anymore. That's life I guess. I'm super impressed at how well she is handling everything life has thrown at her lately. She's such an amazingly strong person.

Ry and I are going out tonight for our anniversary. Yay! I was trying to think while I was in the shower this morning of someplace I would love to go that we never get to go to...can you guess what it is? Red Lobster! I haven't told the hubby that yet, he's not a fish person, but maybe I can talk him into it. He would like Macaroni Grill. That is yummy but it would REALLY kill my diet. I'll keep you posted on our choice. :)

It feels like Friday today. I wish it was!

TODAY I LOVE: my super cute husband and my Sex and the City soundtrack


jmgw said...

I love the soundtrack too!!!! I have been listening to it all day!!

tulsasahms said...


if the day doesn't turnout special, thank the good Lord the marriage did. You two are great!

Love ya both.


anastasia said...

i'm a morning work out/runner person too. the y i go to for my karate class isn't as cool or fun as yours. :(

happy anniversary to you! i hope you had a dinner wherever you went. :)