Friday, June 06, 2008

All in All

Posted by Sarah

I think sometimes that we just need to be thankful for the small things. Today I'm stressed. Very stressed. I'm playing with my hair and pulling it out, I'm eating everything in my sight, and I've got some serious heartburn (I always get heartburn when I'm stressed, it doesn't matter what I eat.) Anyway, I as I was sitting here contemplating the content of this post I realized that I need to not focus on the stinky part of my day, but to try to reflect on the good parts. Maybe if I do that that the stinky parts will become less stinky.

Here is a list of all the good parts of today:

  • It's Friday! Hooray! I don't feel I need to explain the importance of that one!
  • I'm running a 5K tomorrow with Ry and that makes me excited with anticipation.
  • I'm also excited about the anticipation of getting my exercise and diet regime back on track. This week has really screwed me over. I need the "start over" feeling I always get on Monday mornings. My running partner Lex's favorite day of the week is Monday. I never understood that until recently...she always looks at it as a fresh start. I'm going to clean my slate of this week and not think about all the crappiness of my diet and exercise beginning on Monday. A plus to keep me on track, Ry is completely with me on this. He feels awful too because of lack of exercise and nutritious food. We've both been topsy turvy this week. I don't know why one week's worth of failure makes me feel like a complete failure. Anyway, good things are going to happen!
  • I'm happy thinking about the good times I had last night playing Mario Kart on the wii with my friends. Super fun! Thanks again Jessica for lending us your extra steering wheels, remotes, and the game! You saved us from renting it! We had a fun time. I got to play with toadstool. Happy times.
  • It's stopped raining! Finally! Rock on!
  • What I'm most happy about today is still yet to come...I get to come home to my husband and two cats and have a nice evening at home.

Ok, that makes me feel better. Since we are cutting all spending full-stop I'm excited about planning out our menu for the entire week. I've got some more research to do to make sure I get all the right things!

TODAY I LOVE: the peek of sunshine through the clouds and the fact that my two cats played hide-and-seek together last night. Too cute.


anastasia said...

i like lex's reason for monday being her favorite day of the week. monday isn't my favorite day of the week, but i love mondays though because everyone else hates it.

most people don't try to think about the good things when things go bad. good job for you for trying!

hope things get better for you!

by the way, i found a way where you can click on my name (in whatever comment i leave you) and the link will lead you to my xanga blog...that way, it'll help you know/remember who i am and can check later?