Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Posted by Sarah

It's Sunday. Alas, the end of the weekend has arrived. My husband hates Sunday evenings. He likes Sunday because of church, as do I, but it's the feeling on Sunday night...being on the precipice of another week, getting things ready for another week, that we just don't enjoy all that much.

Church this morning was really good. We hired a new music minister for our new contemporary service. Wow, he is young! Overall I think it will be a great service. Our church is really going to step out there and this will be a huge, HUGE, change for Second Baptist Church. I'm excited to be on the starting line.

I went to the store yesterday and got my menu/meals all planned out for this week. I hope and pray that stresses and life don't make me deviate from my plans. That's what got me so messed up last week. We have Employee Appreciation Day this week. I'm just going to have to pull every once of willpower I have not to succumb to the tasty treats provided to me ALL DAY. I also need to make a better effort to get to the gym each morning. Scream at me if I make excuses and don't make it!

Here is my tentative workout plan for this week:

  • Monday- 60 minutes of lifting, 45 minutes of endurance spin class
  • Tuesday- 30 minutes elliptical, 60 minutes of Tone to the Max
  • Wednesday- 60 minutes of lifting, 45 minutes of spin
  • Thursday- 30 minutes of elliptical, 60 minutes of Tone to the Max
  • Friday- 3-5 mile run, 30 minutes lifting, 30 minutes extra cardio (TBD)
  • Saturday- run
  • Sunday- rest

I just finished my homework for this week. All I have to do now is take my practice quiz and my actual test for the week. I hope to do that tomorrow night.

Well...time to go organize my house and get my food prepared for the week.

Happy Sunday to you all!

TODAY I LOVE: optimism for good week ahead