Friday, June 20, 2008

Death And All His Friends

Posted by Sarah

It's finally Friday. The last day before my boss comes back to work from Italy and Greece. Thank goodness! I can't handle one more day of her problem customers without her help. Not one thing this entire two-week period that she has been on vacation has anything been easy or without argument. I've had it up to here! I came in this morning, somehow continuing to think optimistically that today would be easy...not so, my friends. Problems before I even have my computer booted up. What is it? Is it the weather making people feel churlish?

I was unable to take my exam last night and that just infuriates me. The college's website was down all evening. I kept checking and waiting for it to come back up, but no luck. I emailed my professor and didn't get a response. The website is still not working. She better give us more time to take the test since it is not our fault the site is down.

I've got a busy weekend ahead and I hope it's good. Tomorrow Ry and I are going to my hometown to see my folks. I hope we have a good visit. I really hope so. My mom didn't realize Ry was coming until I told her last night and she got so excited. She nor my Grandma have seen him since my Grandpa's funeral in March. On Sunday we have church and then our marathon training meeting at Ridge Runner Sports.

Well...time to face my work problems and get this day over with....

Oh, and didn't go to the gym this morning. I was just going to run outside with the group but it was lightening and pouring down rain so I stayed in bed and slept instead. It was nice. :) Not to mention I am super sore anyway.

TODAY I LOVE: the new Coldplay CD and chapstick


JenZen said...

Hey girl! Hope the parent's visit goes well.

Hey - send me your training program for the San Antonio marathon. I'm toying with the half or full. My brother lives there so it will be a good way to visit and get a cool run in!