Sunday, June 22, 2008

Marathon Training: Week No. 1

Posted by Sarah

Yep, you read the title of this entry is time to begin. Again. I'm happy about it. I work pretty well with structure. I was going to go to the training meeting today to pick up our schedule, but needed to get home to get some major things accomplished. I'm going to go Tuesday night instead. So far, and this schedule is tentative to change, but here is my week of workouts:

  • Monday: 60 minutes lifting- upper body and abs, 60 minutes running with group (distance TBD)
  • Tuesday: 60 minutes calisthenics and either 60 minutes of spin class or Tone to the Max
  • Wednesday: 60 minutes lifting- legs and abs, 60 minutes Hills, Thrills, and Drills class
  • Thursday: 60 minutes calisthenics and 60 minutes of spin class
  • Friday: 60 minutes of lifting-upper body, run with group (distance TBD)
  • Saturday: long run (TBD with schedule)
  • Sunday: rest

As you can tell, it's gonna be a full and fulfilling week. I'll be tired but a good, satisfied tired. I felt fantastic this week after my workouts and I can only imagine what next week will bring. This will be one less day of running per week than when I trained for Bass Pro last summer, but I don't think it will hurt me one little bit. :)

I've had a great, albeit busy, weekend. Yesterday I went home to visit my parents and believe it or not we had a great visit with everyone. They were both on their best behavior and that makes things so much easier for me. I came away from the day very satisfied and happy. This morning we had church and it was super too. Our pastor Dr. Marshall gave a great sermon. I've been thinking about one of the lines he said this morning all day. He said, "The sun is life, but the the rain makes the beauty." He was referring to the bad days in our lives as the rain. It's so true. I'm going to think about that this week.

I have a lot to get done this evening. I need to get my homework done before the Cubs game tonight because Ry will want the computer to watch the game. Go Cubbies!!

TODAY I LOVE: marathon training and the sweet curiosity of George Carlos