Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life Is A Highway

Posted by Sarah

5:00am- 3 mile run on Charleston Ave- COMPLETED 28:28
5:40am- 60 minutes of lifting- legs and abs- COMPLETED

This morning I ran with a gal named Jackie that Lex hooked me up with before she left. She's a nice gal. We had a good little run this morning. Jackie is going to train with my group for the Bass Pro Marathon. I'm going to train with the group, but run the San Antonio Rock N'Roll Marathon a few weeks later. My legs and butt are super sore from my workout yesterday, but it was my day to lift for my legs so I pushed through it. As a result my legs are now sore and tender. I think I will run tomorrow and maybe some light lifting for my upper body and then call it a week.

I have my first big exam tonight. I hope it goes well. My fingers are crossed! It's not really something you can study for, they are all accounting problems. Hopefully through all the homework and quizzes I've learned a few things.

Last night Ry and I had a dinner meeting with the new director of our contemporary service, Ryan Myers. He was really nice. We had a good visit with him about the new service, where he wants it to go, and what he wants in a band. He asked Ry to play and Ry accepted. Ry was somewhat apprehensive before the meeting because he had made up his mind he wouldn't play if he didn't mesh with the guy or didn't like the musical direction. After the meeting I have never seen Ry so giddy! Ryan and Ry (very confusing) both are very identical in their musical tastes and influences and got along very well. This will be a new chapter in the book of our lives and I'm excited to get it started. I hope this new direction brings us closer and deeper friends within our church.

I have a new love...Naked Juice! Yummo!

TODAY I LOVE: very berry Naked Juice and my fabulous new Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 shoes!!!


anastasia said...

good luck on your exam!

RunnerGirl said...

Good luck on your test! I think I need to try some Naked Juice.