Monday, June 23, 2008


Posted by Sarah

5:00am- 60 minutes lifting upper body- COMPLETED
6:00am- 5.12 miles on Fremont/Battlefield- COMPLETED (44.10 minutes, 8:37 per/mile

What a workout! It was pouring rain during our run which felt pretty good during the run, but afterward totally sucked. Nothing like having a sack full of soaking wet running clothes and shoes! I can't believe I kept that pace for so long, so for that I am very proud.

My boss is back from vacation and I am very happy! She brought me back some super cool stuff from Turkey and Italy. I've gotten to hear a few of her stories this morning but I can't wait to hear some more and see the pictures. My dream vacation would be to Italy so I am living vicariously through her.

I'm having coffee tonight with my friend Johnna and her precious son Evan. I can't wait! I don't get to see them very often so I'm pumped to spend a little time with them. Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures this time!

TODAY I LOVE: getting things accomplished and maintaining an A in my accounting class