Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Merry Happy

Posted by Sarah

Evening- 60 minutes of calisthenics- PENDING

Totally, completely, and ignorantly slept in this morning. Boo. At least, thank heavens, the workout I was going to do today I can do at home just as easy as the gym. I'll take care of business tonight.

I have a meeting tonight after work for my marathon training. I'll get the official schedule tonight! Yay! I like getting to meet and hang out with my fellow runners so it will be a good evening. Not only that, but I'm dying to see how long my run will be on Saturday!

I had a super visit with my friend Johnna and her beautiful 4-month-old son Evan. He is SO BIG! He's grown so much since I saw him last. It's amazing how fast children change. Johnna is just the best mom. She's my first friend from high school to have a baby (that I'm still close with) and it's such a wonder to me to see her in that role, as a mom. She's just amazing and he's the proof of it. It was so nice to spend time with them.

TODAY I LOVE: sweet little babies named Evan and pencil erasers

NAKED JUICE OF THE DAY: Strawberry Kiwi Kick