Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gabriel and the Vagabond

Posted by Sarah

I DIDN'T WORKOUT AGAIN THIS MORNING!!! :( Do you even believe that nonsense? I didn't go to sleep until nearly 12:30am which is insanely late for me and I just couldn't get my butt out of bed when the alarm when off at 4:15. I just couldn't. I think, not to make excuses, that my vitamin might be the culprit for my not being able to fall asleep. My vitamins are the energy vitamins and I took it at night before I went to bed. Sometimes I'm such a moron.

I'm going to try to get a workout in tonight. At least something! It won't be as intense as the hills, thrills, and drills class that I missed this morning, but it would be nice to get something accomplished.

The marathon meeting last night was short, sweet, and to the point. We talked about different things and got our schedule. I'm running 7 miles this weekend. Over the total training we will have two 20-mile runs and two 22-mile runs. Wowzers! That's a lot! However, since my race is a few weeks after Bass Pro I'll have tons of time to rest my poor legs. I'm still trying to convince Ry to give the half-marathon training a whirl. I know he's not ready to run it all, but over time and training he'll be able to do most of it, if not all! He just can't get discouraged. If he needs to walk on the long runs, WALK! It's just important to get used to being on your feet for that distance and time.

I think we might do something totally crazy for us on the fourth of July this year. We always go to Bolivar and spend time with the family for the town's freedom festival. This year we are contemplating going to St. Louis on the fourth, hanging out downtown, but especially down by Busch Stadium for the Cardinals/Cubs game going on there. I imagine the fireworks will be spectacular! Then on Saturday we can spend the day at the St. Louis Zoo. I'm so excited! Ry and I really don't travel too many places because he just can't take off work and we don't have a lot of extra money, so this would be like a tiny, mini-vacation. I hope we do it!

TODAY I LOVE: Quaker Organic Maple Brown Sugar oatmeal and fingernail clippers (what would we do without them!)



RunnerGirl said...

Oh, I will be completely jealous if you go to the St. Louis Zoo!! That's my FAVORITE place. Plus it's FREEEEE! Yay! I hope you guys have a great time.

And kudos to your advice to Ry about training. That's what I tell myself everytime I have to walk during a long's more about the distance!