Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here I Go Again

Posted by Sarah

5:00am- 60 minutes of lifting (arms, back, and chest only)- COMPLETED
6:00am- 60 minutes of Hills, Thrills, and Drills class- COMPLETED

I. Am. Sore. Today more than made up for the fact that I overslept yesterday. I really pushed myself on my lifting today to get in a super blasted set. I did! At the end of my workout I decided to finish it off strong with a pyramid of push ups and sit ups. I went up to 10 and then went back down. Good times so my upper body was wobbly. Then we went outside to the outdoor track and soccer field. The soccer field at my Y is down in a valley. We would sprint down the hill to the field, sprint across the field, and then up the other side....and back...countless times. We lunged 250+ lunges today (or if you prefer the distance- it's the length of the soccer field 5 times). We did field sprints. We did 200m sprints on the track. We did hill sprints. We did squats. And we did MORE push ups. Now my whole body is wobbly! It was SUPER GREAT! This sounds so silly, but as I was walking back into the Y, my body is soaking wet with sweat and dew from the grass, my shoes are soaked and muddy...I felt like a real athlete. You know, one of those hard-core folks that just go out and give it all they got. Not that I don't give it all I have every other morning, but just the feeling of the sun is cresting the horizon as I'm walking (ok, maybe limping), dirty and wet from a fantastic workout. I'm so weird.

I had the most awful day yesterday. It was the first time a customer has ever made me cry. He was such a jerk and a bully and I just had to take it. We're probably going to lose his business. I wasn't so much upset at the fact that my customer was mad, because he was mad at something that was completely ridiculous. There are some customers that I will bend over backwards and give the world because they deserve it, and then there are some customers that think I should bend over and give them the world because they think they deserve it. He thinks he's all that and he's not. He doesn't even have much business with us. Anyway, I was upset at the fact that I don't want my boss to come back from her vacation and be upset at me and look at me as a failure. There was no other option I could have done to make it any better for the man but and I'm confident that I did what my boss would have done had she been here, but it's hard getting your butt chewed on from a customer that you were doing a favor in the first place. He's the one that needed money! I didn't call him up and beg, "Oh please, come borrow money from me and need it in a super hurry and want to secure it with real estate!" Grrrrr. But today is a new day!

Today has to be a good day. My last two have been so awful that it has to be good. I know what will make it husband is HOME!!!!! Yay! I have missed him so much. I can't wait to feel his arms around me in a big hug. :)

TODAY I LOVE: my momma and the free sample of eye shadow primer I got yesterday


anastasia said...

your "hills, drills, and thrills" class sound so scary to me that i'm not even sure i want to try it!

it does suck to have a customer service job. some customers are just more difficult to deal and work with than most, and sometimes there isn't much you can do to make a situation better, no matter what you do.

Evan's Mom said...

Sounds like a great workout! :-)

I'm coming into town today. I'm not 100% sure how long. I have a wedding this Saturday. What are you doing Sunday afternoon? :-) If you're busy, I totally understand. I can't give much notice these days. LOL. Have I ever given much notice? Maybe I'll work on that when Evan is a little older and more predictable (that's a big IF). :-)

Have a wonderful day sweetie! You deserve it. :-) Call me on my cell or I'll call you.