Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Washed By The Water

Posted by Sarah

I overslept this morning! Can you believe it?! I was all ready to go to the gym, I thought I hit snooze on my alarm but I turned it off instead! Yikes! That makes me so aggravated. I had my workout all planned out today. Oh well...c'est la vie. Needless to say I was WIDE AWAKE when I finally did wake up. Awake with panic for fear of being late to work!!

I did really well on my quiz last night for my class. I have my first big exam over the first 3 chapters on Thursday. I think I've done enough extra credit and I've gotten good enough scores on my homework that I have some room for mistakes on the test. Right now I have a 114% in the class! I don't need to make an A in the class but why not try. I hated making B's in college.

Well...I've officially reached the point to where I know I need a vacation. I'm dreaming about work at night. That's so bad! When I work all day and then dream about work stuff at night it feels like I'm just working 24-hours a day!! No fun. 30 days until I go on vacation for 11 days. Hallelujah. The countdown has begun.

My new running shoes will be there tomorrow! Yay! I totally have to give props to this company that I've been using for my shoes, they ROCK. If you need any running gear, you must go to Running Warehouse. They give you free second-day air on every order, when you call them with questions they are so nice and helpful (and you get a real person), and the product is great. And when they say second-day- you really get it second day! I ordered my shoes on Sunday, they processed and shipped my order on Monday and according to UPS my shoes will be here tomorrow. They are not like some companies that will ship your order second-day but do not process the order to ship for a week. Oh, one more thing- the prices are great too!

TODAY I LOVE: white Ann Taylor Loft dress slacks and weather that does not include rain


anastasia said...

i should check out that website for some running shoes.

i saw "the other boleyn girl". after watching "the tudors" tv series, i was a bit disappointed with the movie. i think tv series are so much better than the movies of the same subject like how buffy the vampire slayer tv show was sooo much better than its movie.

ryc: thanks for putting me under your favorite blogs list! i saw your comment on jenag96 asking her to change her rss feed so you could read her xanga blog. i changed mind for you. :)