Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's A Zoo Out There!

Posted by Sarah

What a great weekend! It was kinda lonely, I admit, but I tried filling it with things to make me happy as my husband is away.

Friday night I was totally lazy and spent several hours playing my Sims on the computer. It was super fun. I haven't done that since college. :)

On Saturday, my five-year wedding anniversary, I spent it at the Dickerson Park Zoo with Addie! We had a great time. It was hot and all the animals decided that it was nap time in the shade, but I still got some cute shots of the giraffes! To see the photos of my trip to the zoo, visit my album here. Afterward we went to the mall where I spent some money on some cute summer sweaters for $7 at New York and Company and I got some flip-flops at Old Navy. I spent the evening of my anniversary eating ice cream on my sofa and watching "The Other Boleyn Girl" on the TV. Hmmmm...well, the movie is really not bad. However, compared to the book , which was beyond excellent, it pales in comparison. I definitely recommend the book by Philippa's amazing.

Today I have done all sorts of odd ball things to get prepared for the week ahead. I got my homework finished (yay!) and now just have to study for another quiz and my first big exam this week. I hope I do well! I've been watching the US Open all afternoon. I love golf. I really love the sport. I can't play very well at all, but I truly adore watching it. I secretly hope Tiger pulls off another win this week. Every time I watch him I get so inspired by his unmatchable mental toughness and discipline. I need that. I just googled some quotes from Mr. Woods I think I think I will put them in my gym bag so that I can look at them when I slack off.

I ordered my new running shoes today!!! It's about time! I'm embarrassed to tell you all how many miles are on my 2120s. Let's just say I have trained and ran two marathons on those shoes. Yikes! My new Mizuno Wave Inspire 4's will be here on Wednesday! Perfect timing to get a little bit broken in before I start marathon training again in 2 weeks.

Well, time to finish a few more things before I call it a day...hope you all are having a great weekend!

TODAY I LOVE: my husband, that I miss terribly, and my new book by Jane Green to read tonight