Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fix You

Posted by Sarah

5:00am- 5.01 miles on Panera Loop- COMPLETED 46:37 (9:18/MILE)

6:00am- lifting- legs and abs- COMPLETED
Me, Jackie, and Mildred the Blister went for our run this morning. It was hot but for some reason it didn't bother me that much today. The old blister is still hanging around but I am pleased to say that it is making progress in healing. Thankfully!

Tonight Ry and I have our first Freedom in Christ class. Our church offers this class twice a year and it is fabulous. We both took it 4 years ago and we both thought it was time to refresh and take it again. I'm sure we'll get much more out of it this time around. I'm excited.

I think it is time for a haircut. I might let the hair gal do what she wants to this time around. I've been growing, and growing, and trying to grow it out. It's past my shoulders now but has zippo on the style factor. Maybe some highlights? I haven't colored my hair in two years now. My hair is finally completely natural and although it does break my heart to think of putting color back on it, I'm just so blah right now. We'll see.

George Carlos came through his surgery like a pro. I'm going to call the vet really soon to check on him. I miss the little guy. Let me tell ya though, Callie is acting like queen of the castle since he's not home. It's funny. I wonder if she'll start looking for him soon.

TODAY I LOVE: band-aide blister pads and my jergen's firming lotion

SONG OF THE DAY: "Fix You" by Coldplay


Moon Dance Runners said...


Hi, how you doing girl? You left Xanga huh? I still like it there. By the way, this is Coffeerun from Xanga.

I started an account over here for the running group I am working with, thought it might be better to use than Xanga for new people.

Why did you leave Xanga anyway, if you don't mind me asking?

Take care, hope to keep in touch, I love hearing about your running and the, "What I like today"s

Coffeerun AKA George

Moon Dance Runners said...

Sarah, thanks for the Response - I have not been running much lately, I tore a muscle about 5 weeks ago playing volleyball at church with the youth. That was after I had ran an easy 3 that morning at a 9:10 pace. Then pushing off that night, my right calf tore.

I have biked some, but that is it. Ran about 15 yards once to help a lady whose baby stroller was headed to a busy road but when I did, I felt stuff tear a little. But since our first club meeting is Saturday, I guess I will have to try running.

thanks for the update on Xanga, I can understand that, I like there although I have been awol lately.

Stay in Touch!

tulsasahms said...

Hey sweetie! :-) I just wanted to share that I completed my 2nd workout on the C25K program. It's major progress for me. It's certainly not your workout, but it felt good.

Hope you're doing great. I'm so proud of your running. You inspire me.