Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some Surprise

Posted by Sarah

pm- 3 mile run- possibly pending...

My run today will completely be ruled on how that stupid blister is healing. Yesterday I was worried it was infected, but I spent some serious time treating it last night (thanks to a little online advice) and hopefully it's on the mend. It's in the worst possible spot for healing, but I have it double band-aided today so it shouldn't get rubbed on too much. Let's hope! I do not want to attempt to run 16 miles this weekend with this thing on my foot.

I dropped my baby George Carlos off at the vet this morning for his surgery. I almost started crying. The poor little fella was so scared. I won't see him again until Thursday after work. They are going to call me when he gets out of his surgery. Pray for my baby!

My dad got a dog yesterday. His psychiatrist told him he needed to get a dog and he's been putting it off, but this one kinda fell into his lap. I think my dad really loves him. It's a boy sheltie that someone had just DUMPED at the courthouse where my mom works. The dog is so sweet tempered and relaxed. He had a flea collar on and everything; I have no idea why the people would leave such a sweet dog. My family are huge animal people and I think my mom would have taken the dog to find it a home if my dad hadn't taken it. It's so precious seeing my dad behave like he is...he's bought a Frisbee and a rope, he's given him a bath and tried combing him. Although, and this did make me cry, dad said when he was trying to comb the dog that Trucker (the dog's new name) cowered in a corner, whimpered and cried. Dad thinks he might have been beat! I cannot stand the thought of animals being abused. It just rips me to pieces. Dad is going to take good care of Trucker and give him some good lovings. It will be a good relationship for the both of them. They need each other.

Today is a day for animals...give your puppies and kitties lots of kisses and lovings because they deserve it!

TODAY I LOVE: my cats (although really they are my children) and Enjoy shampoo

SONG OF THE DAY: "Some Surprise" by Gary Lightbody and Lisa Hannigan (from the album The Cake Sale)


anastasia said...

it sucks that people can be so cruel to animals...especially animals that are soo, soo sweet. i'm surprised that trucker is still a sweet and relaxed dog after being beaten by the horrible previous owner(s). maybe there's another way to brush his coat?

hope your blister gets better and george carlos has a great surgery and recovery. do you have sports tape like the tape that boxers use when they're training on the punching bags? taping up the blister really do help. i had a blister last year...i forgot how i got it, but it was right under the ball of my foot (near my big toe). taping it up worked for me and i was totally fine going to karate class.

Marybeth said...

Awww... A Sheltie! I have a sheltie! I grew up with them! Mine's a little crazy, but all the ones my family has had have been really smart. My parents are going to look at another sheltie tonight (they already have 1). Give your dads sheltie a smooch from my sheltie! :-)
Any good races coming up in your neck of the woods? Melissa and I are talking about meeting up halfway, which would prob be St. Louis. It would be great to get together and all run together!

JenZen said...

UGH - I'm so SORRY about your blister!!! That has to be frustrating. I hope it heals quickly.

That's so great about your dad getting a dog! It may be just the companionship that he needs and it sounds like they truly need each other. Two souls helping each other - that's so awesome!

RunnerGirl said...

Yay for your dad! Aren't shelties what you guys had when you were in high school? That's so cool that one found your dad. Pets are so, so great...I miss my babies terribly. I bet that Trucker (great name!) will be the perfect companion for your dad - they can give each other lots of love. Animals are so wonderful. I hope GC came through his snippity-snip ok, and that he holds no grudges for you taking away his "parts." :)