Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Space Between

Posted by Sarah

5:00am- 3 miles in skunk (ie Charleston) neighborhood- COMPLETED 26:59 (8:59/MILE)
5:30am- lifting- upper body and abs- COMPLETED

Good run this morning despite the fact that:

1) Mildred the Blister is still attached to my foot and hurting. I have it swathed in blister pads and surgical tape to survive.
2) It was muggy and muggy there was a thick haze over the planet.
3) We saw a skunk, yet again, in this neighborhood that caught us by surprise. At least we didn't catch him by surprise.
4) I had to run in my old Asics because my shoes are tearing my feet to shreds.
5) I have a bruise under my ankle bone from my fancy new shoes.

Obviously, my shoes are, yet again, an issue. I'm so tired of buying shoes, especially buying shoes that don't work on my feet. Don't ever, ever, EVER, let me stray from what I know as true again. Lucky for me I bought the Brooks at my local running store because they take them back for store credit. Lucky me! It is un-lucky me in the fact that they have no Asics in my size right now. I wasn't walking out of that store in anything but Asics. Hopefully by next week the new shipment will be in and I will have another new pair of shoes. Grrrrr....... In the meantime, I will have to run my 16-miler this weekend in my old shoes. Oh least they don't hurt my feet. Why is this happening to me? I've NEVER had this much trouble getting shoes to work. Only Asics from now on. It's a rule. At least Ry's Brooks shoes are working out great for him. I'm glad one of us is having good luck with shoes.

I get to pick up George Carlos from the vet after work tonight!!! Yay! My baby boy is doing really good, recovering nicely from the declaw and neutering. He's precious and I can't wait to see him again. Callie, on the other hand, is not so pleased that he's coming back to the house.

I might, just might, get to talk to my husband tonight for more than 5 minutes on the phone. He's been traveling and working really very hard this week and it feels like I haven't seen him all week! He's gotten home so late two nights this week that I've already been in bed sound asleep when he's arrived, he didn't come home on Monday night. I miss him! I know he's just bone tired and exhausted. I hope he can get some rest tonight.

We had a birthday today and you know what that means... birthday cake! It was so yummy. It was white cake with thick vanilla buttercream frosting...oh my. I'm drooling. I might have to snitch another piece before the end of the day.

TODAY I LOVE: buttercream frosting (and lots of it)

SONG OF THE DAY: "The Space Between" by The Dave Matthews Band


JenZen said...

Ugh - I can't believe your shoes are giving you so much trouble!! That totally stinks girl! Definitely take those suckers back and get what works for you. I've been fairly lucky (knock on wood) with mine.

Funny thing...I heard on the radio this morning that they were having trouble with skunks in South Texas because of the heat and lack of rain. The skunks were starting to come into the city and cause "smelly" problems.