Monday, July 21, 2008


Posted by Sarah

pm- 3-4 miles in home neighborhood- PENDING

I'm still on vacation. This is the first day that I've gotten to sleep in and then get up and do whatever I want. It feels weird not getting up and going to the gym at the crack of dawn. I should be a good girl and get up and go anyway, but this is my only week to sleep in. Is that bad of me not to get up and go early? I think I will go running tonight after it cools down a bit but before it gets dark. Unlike my friend Sarah, I am scared of running in the dark! Not only that, but I'm clumsy and would likely trip over unseen sticks, rocks, and potholes.

So far today I have completed my homework. It was my last accounting assignment! Hallelujah! Now I have to take 2 quizzes, an exam, and my final. I hope to devote today to the two quizzes and the exam and then I can go into the college tomorrow and take my final. I'm so excited because then I will be D-O-N-E. This class was a lot of work for 8 weeks. I should have an A. I hope I finish with an A. I'll be pretty disappointed in myself if I don't get that grade.

Well, as with every weekend lately, I consumed way too much junk. This vacation came at a perfect time for me, I can purge my house of all crap and junk, guzzle the water, and get my life back on track. Ry and I both are feeling the nastiness in our pores. I don't have the excuse of stress dictating my diet this week and that's what I need to get us back around.

I have to say today that I am thankful for so many things. God is so good to me. Why do I deserve such grace? It's an astounding question. I thank the Lord for forgiving all my stupid mistakes, for my insecurities, and my failings...there are so many! I wish that we humans could be so forgiving. I also thank Him for my wonderful Ry, my super in-laws, and all my dear friends. Can a girl get any more blessed??

TODAY I LOVE: Pandora online radio and my sense of sight and sound

SONG OF THE DAY: "Grace" by Kate Havnevik


Evan's Mom said...

Hey Sarah! I can't believe you're almost done with your accounting class. :-) I'm anxiously awaiting the post that declares you have finished it. Yea!

Thanks for the awesome post on my blog. It was very uplifting. I'm a nervous wreck about the c25K. I talked to my friend Amy and she's going to do it with me. Do you have any suggestions about inserts? Send some suggestions my way if you have time. I could really use your help. :-)

Have a FANTASTIC vacation. You deserve it!

anastasia said...

you know what you can do? go to the gym in the morning like usual. then go back to bed afterdwards since you still have all day to do whatever including sleeping all day.