Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Best Friend

Posted by Sarah

8:30am- 3 miles in home neighborhood- COMPLETED

It was nasty, hot, and sticky this morning. Blah. I need to get up and run before the sun comes up. I'm spoiled to early runs sans sun!

Today I did some oddball things, but it was good. I went to the license bureau and got my driver's license renewed. Good grief, you practically have to have your blood typed to get your license these days. I grabbed everything but the kitchen sink to take with me in case they needed it because I did not want to go back. It took my birth certificate, my social security card, my voters registration, and my marriage license to get my license renewed. Can you believe that? After all of that I was nearly so flustered that I almost flubbed up the street sign quiz. :) I got them right, but it was close! The lady asked me "Has your weight changed since 2003?" I'm like, "hello! Are you kidding me? I'm practically a two-ton tessie compared to what I was then." The only other embarrassing moment was when she took my check to pay for the renewal and stupid me said, "Do you need to see my driver's license?" Duh. Overall the picture didn't turn out too bad either. Thank heavens! I'm good now until 10-03-2014. That's a long time. I remember when I got my license this last time I thought...2008, wow, that's forever. My does time fly!

Post license bureau I went to the college to take my accounting final. It was such an ordeal! My instructor, who is really a non-instructor, failed to tell us that we had to make an appointment to take the final. Luckily the proctor had mercy on this old gal and let me in. Once in, I couldn't log onto the computer because I didn't have my student id number. Grrrr....I had to go all the way back to student services to get the number. Once back at the computer and now logged in, the proctor couldn't find my final online. Then she remembers, oh yes, Sarah, your final is PENCIL AND PAPER and located in another room. Grrrrr. Two hours later I have the darned test completed and am out of that building like lightening. I am so excited to be finished with homework, quizzes, and exams. It's an awful lot to cram 12 chapters into 8 weeks. Much to consider if getting another degree in accounting is worth it...

Tonight Ry and I are going to the last Springfield Laser's match with our friends Mark and Laura. We haven't gotten to hang out with them in a few weeks so this will be a nice treat. It is sad that it's the last tennis match for the year. I hope it's a good one this time! They really played terrible when we saw them on Saturday night.

I decided that I'm going to add a new section to my posts after my "Today I love." It will for the song of the day!

TODAY I LOVE: kissing my husband in the rain and K2O protein water

SONG OF THE DAY: "My Best Friend" by Tim McGraw


anastasia said...

good job on getting out there for a run in the yucky weather!

people like to comment on when my driver's license expires: 12-12-2012.

Evan's Mom said...

Congratulations!!!!! Yea! Accounting is D-O-N-E! I bet it feels great to have that finished.

Good job Sarah!