Wednesday, July 09, 2008

In My Head

Posted by Sarah

Last night I ran a couple of miles after my exam. They went well. I didn't plug Deena (my garmin) into the computer to see my exact minute/mile, but while I was running I was trucking along at 8:30's. That was a nice relief. I ran in my new shoes. Last Friday I bought new Brooks Adrenaline 8's. Evidently I now need a support shoe rather than motion control (which is what I had.) Bizarre. I tried on several different shoes but the Brooks felt like puffs of fluff on my feet. As soon as I can find the right picture of them, I'll post it. I can't find the right color online! They are white, yellow, black, and silver.

Hopefully I'll get a run in tonight too!

Didn't go to the gym this morning because I overslept. I mean, overslept. I was 30-minutes late to work. I have never done that before. I guess I finally slept really well!

I did awesome on my accounting exam. It took me 2 straight hours but it was a nice blessing and instant gratification to receive an A. Maybe that's why I slept so well...

Dad is doing ok in the hospital. He's having lots of one-on-one counseling and the medication adjustments are starting to take effect. He wasn't quite so ugly to me today. That's nice. They are suggesting he try a new church and to also get a pet. He might follow their advice this time around. I hope so.

TODAY I LOVE: my new Brooks shoes and post-it notes


anastasia said...

you should post up the picture of your new shoes and remind everyone what colors they actually are if you can't find one in the same colors. or if you have your own cameram, take it yourself?

glad that your dad is doing better. maybe he should get a dog because dogs are usually/always happy to see their human family.

i love post-it notes!