Thursday, July 10, 2008

Suddenly I See

Posted by Sarah

8:00pm- 2.6 miles around Deer Lake Golf Course- COMPLETED 25:01 (last night with Ry)

It was a good run last night. I didn't have any knee pain which was FABULOUS! My new shoes are really great. I enjoy them. Ry was hurting a little but his hamstring was a little tight. He needs to work more on stretching.

I have a lot of diet issues I need to get sorted out here pretty quick. I haven't been eating like I should for a few weeks now and the clothes are starting to evidence that. :( I guess I need Jackie to get back from Vegas and get me back in the swing of things. I can't help but eat better when I'm running around with her...she's a stick figure! I have no hope of getting back on track this week; we have too many extra things (baseball game tonight, food day at work tomorrow, and game night on Saturday night.) I need to not let the relaxed feeling of summer creep into my diet regime. If I want to run a faster marathon in November I need to lean up!

Tonight Ry and I are going to a Springfield Cardinals baseball game. We got the tickets through a customer/contractor of my father-in-law and we'll be sitting in their box! Score! These are the good seats too with food! That is my type of baseball game. Game food is so darned expensive.

My day is not starting off the best...I went to get my only cup of coffee for the day (and since I only get one cup I make it a BIG one) and as I was coming in a door someone was coming out. That spells disaster! I spilled half of the cup of coffee on the floor, on my arm, on my sweater, and down my pants. I look lovely. You can't tell the stain on my pants, but my sweater is mostly white so it's got some new brown spots.

TODAY I LOVE: the fact that my vacation starts a week from today and my new sulfate-free Enjoy shampoo


JenZen said...

Ack!! Spilled coffee! Grrr...that's grounds for a butt-whoopin. Ha!

Glad your run went well and NO knee pain!!!

I'm reading your "eating" paragraph as I shove yet another chocolate in my mouth. I need to do the same! I would like to drop some poundage to make running a bit easier on the knees.