Monday, July 28, 2008

Lay All Your Love On Me

Posted by Sarah

5:00am- 5 miles on Panera Bread loop- COMPLETED 46:59 (9:22/MILE)

My feet are trashed. My nasty blister is still pretty nasty after my run today and now my other ankle has some sort of weird bruise under my ankle bone. My shoes rubs and bumps it. It hurts too! It was again super humid and sticky this morning so I'm glad that Jackie tugged me along to get the run finished. If it was left up to me I wouldn't have been so good!

Well, I'm back at work. There is nothing like coming back to 88 emails to deal with. I think I'll get up and get me some coffee. Coffee will make it better.

George Carlos got too close to a candle yesterday and singed his eyebrow whiskers. It is the funniest looking thing you've ever seen! They are all curly and short now. He looks girly. He's my girly-man. :)

My new theme doesn't load on my work computer. Stupid barracuda filter. I'll just have to look at it at home. So sad.

EDIT: I got an A in my accounting class! ROCK ON!!

TODAY I LOVE: coffee and my new mental and physical energy women's vitamins

SONG OF THE DAY: "Lay All Your Love On Me" on the Mamma Mia soundtrack