Sunday, July 27, 2008

Marathon Training: Week No. 6

Posted by Sarah

Can you believe it's been 6 weeks already? I can't. It is probably fruitless to wish this, but I truly wish that the humidity would relax for a while. It is just so miserable to run in it. I sincerely hope it is better for my long run this week. Here's my running schedule for this week. I'll be doing lifting again, but I don't want to include that on my schedule because it is subject to change:

  • Monday: 5 mile run
  • Tuesday: tbd
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run
  • Thursday: 3 mile run
  • Friday: 7 mile run
  • Saturday: 16 mile run
  • Sunday: rest

The order of the runs is totally subject to change with whenever Jackie can run with me this week. I can't run on Tuesday because my little baby George Carlos is getting dropped off at the vet to get neutered and declawed. Yay! I've tried to sit down and have the talk with him about what's going to happen, but he hasn't been too receptive.

It's back to work for me tomorrow. My vacation is o-v-e-r. It's sad. However, I am rested and relaxed and ready, I think, to tackle my world again. It's all in how you approach things, and I'm going to approach work with a good attitude and an uplifted spirit. :)

Well...I need to go clean my house and fold some laundry to get ready for this week!

TODAY I LOVE: starting the week with a good attitude and a rejuvenated outlook

SONG OF THE DAY: "Gray Street" by The Dave Matthews Band


anastasia said...

hope george carlos is ok after coming out of the vet on tuesday. maybe give him another pep talk tomorrow night?

also, you should apply body glide or vaseline on your feet for the long runs and anywhere that gets chaffed a lot. i've never used body glide, but i know a lot of other runners use it and they say it works wonders. i use vaseline because someone at work suggested this after someone suggested it to him because he ran two full marathons before. vaseline works pretty good, but according other other runners, you don't get the sticky, yucky goo or feeling when you apply body glide.

Evan's Mom said...

Hey Sarah! :-) I LOVE your blog's new look!!!1

RunnerGirl said...

I can just picture you sitting down to explain to GC what neuter means. I did the same thing with Suka. They have to be informed, right?? You crack me up with your kitties!! I'm back in Sullivan now, and I've been calling my parent's cat Tag a puppy all night, just to be mean. :) I miss my babies.