Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Posted by Sarah

pm- 3 mile run with Ry- PENDING

I have just spent the last 2.5 hours working on Ry and I's budget. Yikes! It was in desperate need of updating and refreshing. This economy is just killing us. Food, gas, name it and the cost is going up. We want to have a vacation in November in San Antonio while I'm there to run the marathon. We are going to have to seriously batten down the hatches (sort of speak) on the spending if we want to be able to go and have a good time. I wish I could be one of those lucky folks that wins some money in the lottery. Granted, I don't play the lottery because I think it's a waste of money, so I don't really have any chance of winning, but wouldn't it be nice? Pay off all of your debt, pay off all of your friends and families debt, and then have the rest to sock away and save. It's a nice dream. It's time for Ry and I to live like we have no money for a while so that we can get ahead and save. We can do it. It's more me, actually. I'm the one that says, "sure, we can go out and eat" or "sure, we can go do this." I need to be more disciplined. Hopefully now that we have a goal and the numbers staring us in the face, in black and white, we can chug along.

Now I just need to balance the checkbook. That will take me another hour! I haven't balanced the checkbook in a month! I got up this morning to check out our Internet banking and my eyes about bulged out of my head. Geez, you can tell I've been busy. I'm the gal who normally has it balanced to the penny daily.

Other things on my agenda today include mowing the lawn (so I have a happy hubby to wants to cuddle with me later), fold the baskets of laundry littering our living room floor, and make reservations for a hotel/motel in San Antonio. The hotel will be the hardest part of my day. I found a great priced place to stay with high guest ratings but several of the comments indicate they felt unsafe in the neighborhood. Do I risk it? OR I can get an expensive motel downtown a couple of miles off the Riverwalk that has covered parking and a shuttle to and from places for over double the price. Ouch. Do I really want to spend $800 for lodging for 5 days!! NOOOOOOO! Grrr, I hate not knowing things and big cities scare me. I'll figure it out.

Time to get working!

TODAY I LOVE: Microsoft Excel and it's wondrous abilities and online banking

SONG OF THE DAY: "Lost?" by Coldplay


JenZen said...

First - Love the new Coldplay album. that out of the way.

Girl - I am feeling your pain with the money sitch. This economy is killer right now. It's so frustrating and depressing. Thank God I have family in San Antonio and it's drivable. Otherwise it would be tough justifying going. There are so many great races that I would LOVE to do, but just not enough money. We're battening down the hatches too. Looks like turkey sandwiches for me for a while. :)