Saturday, July 26, 2008

Speed of Sound

Posted by Sarah

6:00am-14.2 miles on South Creek Trail/Bass Pro neighborhood- COMPLETED 2:22:05 (10:00/MILE)

I have to say, that was one of the most MISERABLE runs I have ever been put through. The heat and humidity was just unbearable. It was 80 degrees at 6:00 this morning with 87% humidity. The air was just so thick. I drank my camelbak empty twice. I did it and I finished but it was hot. I was clipping along at a good pace for a while but drastically slowed down the last 5 miles. I have two fantastic blisters on one of my feet. My socks were so wet from sweat that they squeaked in my shoes. Not only that, but on one section of our course, in the neighborhoods by Bass Pro, they were doing road construction and managed to break a gas main. It stunk so bad. If a person hung around there too long they were apt to pass out. It was awful. The fire department and police were there. They broke one of the HUGE gas mains. You could hear it hissing for half a mile away. Ry ran his longest run today of 7 miles. Yay Ry! Ry and I both met a new fella today. He ran his first marathon while in prison....115 laps around the track! Do you believe that??! He was very cool and very nice.

After a long nap and some Cubs baseball on TV, we are ready to go out and have a date. I'm ready to have a good time. I never wear flip flops out on the town but I think I will today. Those blisters are nasty and right on the arch of my foot.

Have a great day everyone!

TODAY I LOVE: a cold, cold bottle of Evian water and my flat iron (in this humidity it's a Godsend)


JenZen said...

Ugh - I think this humidity is killing ALL of us. Addie had a rough run too. GREAT JOB on the 14 and the stellar pace!

That is SO amazing about the guy you met. Now THAT is perseverance!