Friday, August 01, 2008

When Did You Fall

Posted by Sarah

Rest! Yay!

I'm resting up today for my big 16-miler tomorrow. I'll admit...I'm a tiny bit nervous. We are supposed to have record heat and humidity for the year tomorrow. If I thought last week was bad I cannot imagine what it will be tomorrow. I'm drinking water like it is going out of style today. Our group leaders are really good about keeping our water/powerade stops filled up so I think I'll be ok. I'm sure I'll be really slow. I just can't push myself when it's so hot. Pray for Ry and I as we embark another hot journey on the South Creek trail. I hope Ry does well, he hasn't been able to get but 1 run in this week because of his schedule. We're going to work on improving that next week.

Mildred the Blister is still alive, although I'm going to refer to her as "Millie" now because she is shrinking.

Still no word on the shoe shipment. Please come in soon!

Anyone else out there using Google Reader and having trouble? Over 3/4 of my feeds have been missing for 2 days. I'm not ignoring you, my favorite people, I just can't get to you! I'll reload the feeds this weekend. Very strange.

George Carlos came home last night! I just have to say it, my baby boy is so precious. I know he's still dopey on pain medication but he's so lovey! He lets you hold him (at least for a bit) and he's no longer attacking you. He's a loving purr-machine that just wants you to stay right by him. It's so precious. Callie Cat was a little less than thrilled, to say the least, that Georgie came back home. They had a few words but have since just ignored each other. George really wants to play but he still doesn't feel very good. It did break my heart (just a little) when George was trying to get up on the bed this morning and slid back to the floor because he didn't have claws to climb up. I'm SO GLAD he doesn't have claws but his little face was so sad.

Can you believe it is August already? My oh my this year has just zipped by me. Only one more week until the Olympics! I'm so, so pumped up about the games this year. I will be glued to my television and computer. Yay! Go USA!

We went to Shoe Carnival last night to get Ry some new work boots and they have a deal where if you buy one pair you get the second for half price. He let me get a pair of black Puma tennis shoes that are SO CUTE! They will be great shoes to wear with jeans. I already have a brown pair of Sketchers and have been wanting a black pair. These were just too cute to pass up.

TODAY I LOVE: my cute new Puma shoes and the Olympics!

SONG OF THE DAY: "When Did You Fall" by Chris Rice


Rachel said...

Google reader is giving me fits too - boo google reader - and how are we supposed to know when our feeds disappear? Oh well, hopefully it will be better soon!

Yeah on the new shoes and getting your little George home!

Moon Dance Runners said...

How did the run Go? The heat can really Zap the spirit out of you!

I got my first run in weeks in, it was nice to be out and about again.

Hope your shoes come in soon!