Friday, August 08, 2008

Against All Odds

Posted by Sarah


I didn't run this morning because I ran with Ry last night for 3 miles.

6:30 pm (8-7-08)- 3.05 miles on South Creek Trail- COMPLETED 32:47

I was a tired girl at the end of yesterday. I had run 7 miles yesterday morning and then an additional 3 last night. I'm happy about it today because I can have a good day's rest before tomorrow's long run. :)

I tried my new fuel belt last night. I like it I think. It's different than my camelbak but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I adore having more pockets to store things (gummies, inhaler, key, etc) and I also like not having to remove the whole contraption to refill. I'm going to use it tomorrow. I admit that I do feel a tiny bit silly wearing it, but I know that when it gets hot I'm going to be thankful I've got 4 bottles strapped to my waist! LOL!

I go back to the eye doctor this afternoon to have her re-check my eyes. I'm confident she'll tell me I can wear my contacts! Yay! I hope she has a new solution for me to use so I won't have these issues again.

I hope to have a good 17 miles tomorrow. I'm optimistic. Afterward I'm going to spend the entire day on my sofa watching the Olympics. I have to DVR the opening ceremony tonight because we won't be home, so I'll watch it first and then the games. I think there is some swimming on tomorrow. Yay! I haven't seen a schedule yet. Anyone know when the track and field events start?

Have a happy Friday everyone! Go USA!

TODAY I LOVE: patriotic spirit and Purify face wash (love love)

SONG OF THE DAY: "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins


JenZen said...

Happy Olympics Day to you too!!! Good luck tomorrow!! I hope it's a smooth, fast, easy run for you. I have a four bottle fuel belt that I've been using. It felt weird at first, but now I love it (although I look like a Euro-trash tourist). All that water sure helps. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!!!