Saturday, August 09, 2008

Are You Ready?

Posted by Sarah

6:00am- 17.56 miles on Bass Pro course- COMPLETED 3:02:45 (10:24/MILE)

YAY! It was a great run and I didn't die! That is a huge plus. :) I ate my Sharkies every 3 miles, used my fuel belt, was running in my new shoes, the weather had cooled off and was was sublime.

Here are my new shoes:

I gave up on waiting for my pair of Kayanos to come in (it's been 2 weeks now and the store isn't any closer to being able to tell me when the shipment will come in, other than the fact that Asics are backordered.) I went to our new running store and had them perform a gait analysis on my feet. It was too cool! You can really tell a lot about how you run when you're caught on camera and are running barefoot. I am a mild pronator (very little in my left foot but crazy weird in my right) and I tend to run "on a line" too much which will hurt my hips if I keep it up. My toes all leave the ground at the same time and I keep my feet relatively straight to my body, which is good. They said the Kayano was too much shoe for me anyway, and recommended I stick with what I have been wearing, the Asic 2130's. I tried on some Adidas and Pearl Izumi, but hated the way they felt. The 2130's felt so good that's what I bought. OH, today felt so much better running in great shoes. AND I have a massive store credit at the original running store so Ry and I can each go get a new running outfit. Yay!

Post run, I've watched volleyball, rowing, biking, and beach volleyball from the Olympics. This is heaven. Can you imagine being there? The opening ceremonies were AMAZING and it warms my heart watching the athletes coming into the stadium. The smiles are just out of this world.

TODAY I LOVE: my new Asic 2130's and garden grown tomatoes (YUMMO!!)

SONG OF THE DAY: "Are You Ready?" by Creed


Willie said...

That gait analysis sounds interesting. I'll have to find a place to do that.

My first shoes were Asics 2110's and I LOVED them! The 2100 series of shoes are excellent and Asics is always improving them. Glad you had a good run.