Friday, August 22, 2008

Everything is Different Now

Posted by Sarah

6:00pm (Thursday night)- 4.08 mile run on South Creek trail- COMPLETED WITH RYAN 41:17 (10:07/mile)

Didn't run this morning because I did double duty yesterday. Ry had a good run and I was proud of him. Tomorrow I have a 16-mile run and he has an 8-mile run. Last night was my first run with D2 in the daylight. I'm so confused with this watch. In my morning runs I can't see the information because it is very dark outside. I see the finish time when we get back to the Y. Well, last night I'm running along side Ry, who is wearing my old 205 Garmin, and it is consistently saying we're running at a different pace. While his watch was saying we were running 9:30/miles mine was saying I was running 12:00/miles! What is wrong with that? However, when the actually mile would beep at me it would say I completed mile one in 9:45. What is going on? Anyone else had this trouble with the 405? This watch doesn't do me that much good if it doesn't correctly tell me my ongoing pace. I'm going to call the store today and see if this is normal. If so, I'm taking it back. I tend to run too fast in the beginning if I don't know my pace to slow me down. AND I didn't just spend a fortune on a watch that doesn't work the way I want it to.

Can my running life have any more drama? I think I have the worst luck of anyone I know.

I've done very well at keeping my food journal this week. It's been tough, but I've documented all my food. I cheated and got on the scale. I'm down 1.5 pounds as of today. Who knows if that is accurate. It's so hard to be good! The calorie deficit from running is hard to make up. Like yesterday, for instance, I ran off 800 calories. How do I make that up in a healthy way? I was prepared to make up 400, but I didn't know when I planned the day that I was going to have to go 800. Yikes. I don't know what I'll do on Saturday. How do you recover from a 1600 calorie deficit? That's already more than what I eat in a day. I think Runner's World has some good recipes. I'll have to check it out. By the way, tacos have a lot of calories. I figured that out last night. :)

Well....IT'S FRIDAY!!! Anyone have big plans for the weekend? I don't, not really. I think tonight Ry and I are going to go out and have a date. (Yay!) Tomorrow I will run and then lay around and recover. I'll watch the men's marathon tomorrow night. Go Ryan Hall!!! Sunday we have our new church service and I'm super excited about it.


TODAY I LOVE: all-day energy vitamins and text messaging

SONG OF THE DAY: "Everything is Different Now" by Don Henley


christian said...

Hi Sarah - you posted on my run 100 miles blog about the garmin 405.

I have not found pace issues with it - in fact, it has been spot in each and every time.

The only issues we experience is with elevation gain/loss - which is a known issue and there is a known fix, but I don't care enough to bother.

good luck.


Willie said...

Hope your 405 starts working better. I want one soooooooo bad! I'm jealous.

My wife and I have been trying many of the Runners World recipes and we love them! The Fettuccine Paolo is great. We just tried that last week and now it's my fav pre-race meal.

Good luck with long runs this weekend.

anastasia said...

i think this is where you have to figure out what you should be eating more of throughout the day after burning off 800 - 1000 calories from a run...just so you can have enough energy for your morning runs/exercises. you can never have too much fruits and vegatables and you may have to eat snacks (like raw vegatables (carrot or celery sticks) and fruits) between your "main meals" and add a light healthy snack before bed. maybe you can eat a banana and a peanut butter sandwich (on one slice of bread) or something that's easy to digest and won't bother you before your run so you have some energy and to make up for the caloric deficit?

tulsasahms said...

Hey Sarah! I don't have any running words for you except, Keep up the good work! :-) (and eat some salt--:-)

I wanted to tell you the BIG news: EVAN CRAWLED TODAY!!! I'm so excited, I had to share.

Hope you're feeling great and that your long run went great.