Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let Me Out

Posted by Sarah

Well, I've kinda been holding out on you to post until I got my emotions in check. Yesterday was not a pleasant day for me, but I'm trying to have a better outlook today. Everything is going to be alright.

I hobbled, rather pathetically, to my doctor's appointment yesterday in hope for some answers to all my problems. I should have known to put all my eggs in one basket.

Anyway, for the easy things, I did in fact pull a muscle in my groin area. Kinda embarrassing, and it is not very fun having your doctor poking and prodding around testing the spot. I did not tear a muscle, thank heavens, but he said it was pretty swollen and inflamed. No running, no walking, no crouching, no ANYTHING until the pain goes away. *Gulp.* Recovery time is anywhere between 2-6 weeks. *Big Gulp.* I don't have time for this. Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to be the rare exception that defies all rules and logic and heals at a very rapid rate. Like a superhero! :) Yesterday and today have been very painful. No medication will work, although doc said I could try. Ice it starting yesterday and then heat from here on out. I didn't go to work today. I've been laying around on my sofa like slug, immobile from the waist down. If I move, well, let's just not talk about that. I have to get back to work tomorrow so I need to get as healed up as fast as possible. I feel like a freak at work because I'm stuck in my chair and when I have to get up it's just a disaster.

Now, for the not fun passing out and dizzy spells. The doctor did a new EKG on me yesterday and it was drastically different from the EKG he did on my two years ago. Not in a good way. It appears I have some sort of an arrhythmia. In layman's terms, the doctor thinks the chambers of my heart are fighting over which chamber gets to control my heartbeat, and in doing so is messing up the blood flow and not getting enough oxygen to my brain. He took blood yesterday to rule out anything metabolic causing the issue and that came back fine today. I have to get myself around in a bit to go to the hospital to get fitted and setup with an event monitor that I have to wear for 30-days. I guess this thing records my heart when I tell it that I'm having an episode. I have no idea what I'm getting into there. Next Friday I'm having a stress echocardiogram. I guess they are going to take the images while I'm resting and then get me up and put me on a treadmill and then take the shots again. I have NO IDEA how they are going to do that when I can't walk right now, but I'll leave that to them to figure out. After those tests I will meet with a cardiologist yet to be determined.

Yea, I'm scared. I think everything will be fine and the doctor said if this is the case, I have a strange arrhythmia, it can be regulated with medication. So, that's the news. That's the verdict. I know that God has His hand on me and this is all for some reason. My friends and co-workers are trying to convince me that He's trying to tell me to slow down. Maybe so.

You all know just how much I fear heart issues, as that has been the nemesis that has killed off most of my family. I will admit that it was quite a kick in the gut when he showed me my new EKG.

I hate giving up running. It's my life; it's my release. I have no fear that a couple of weeks off from running is going to hurt me in San Antonio, I can get there and run the race. Will I get a new PR? Probably not. Will I finish? YES! I just need to be the best girl possible and stay off my feet for a while and let my muscles heal, let them figure out what is wrong with my heart, and then I can go back as a new woman. I'm being much more positive about this today than I was yesterday, so for that I'm super happy. Prayers are working already!

Well...I need to make the agonizingly slow shuffle to the bathroom so that I can try to get ready to get all hooked up at the hospital.

TODAY I LOVE: my sweet husband who has been nothing but AWESOME to his total immobile wife and my dear friends who make me try to find the bright side

SONG OF THE DAY: "Let Me Out" by Ben's Brother


Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Praise the Lord for sweet hubbies -praise the Lord for pulled muscles and nothing more serious - praise the Lord for a day off from work to try and feel better - praise the Lord for knowing that there could be trouble and for the knowledge the dr's have to find out exactly what you are dealing with before something more serious happened. Praise the Lord for an awesome attitude in regards to the training you are going to have to put off for a bit.

Praying that the Lord will provide quick and easy healing for your pulled muscle. Praying that the Lord will give the dr's the exactly knowledge and wisdom they need to find exactly what could be going on with your heart (or a miracle of healing even the dr's can't explain if it is His will).

I'm glad you know there could be a problem though and that it could be fixed with meds - how scary to have had bigger issues/more passing out before you found out there was something wrong!!

Thanking the Lord for Sarah and all that she is and the trust that you have in Him - even when that isn't easy - keep us posted girl,

Willie said...

You have such a postive attitude that I just know you will come through this and be even better on the other side.

It sounds to me like not running should be the last concern on your list but I understand how hard it is to stop something that's so much a part of you.

I'm not real close with the man up yonder lately so he probably isn't listening but I'll throw some words upstairs for you anyway. Hang in there and keep up that cheering attitude and nothing can beat you! You're the Belle!!

In the immortal words of Scarlet:

"As God is my witness, as God is my witness they're not going to lick me. I'm going to live through this..."

JenZen said...

Don't even sweat the running right now! (I know...easier said than done). Take care of your health first and let that groin heal up properly. You are such a running athlete right now that a few weeks off won't sideline you. You'll recover in no time! Just take it easy and take care. I'm sending you a HUGE ole hug in hopes of a speedy recovery and in hopes that the heart tests check out fine.

Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that I am sending you vibes of super, powerful, speedy healing!!!

tulsasahms said...

Dearest Sarah, you're such a wonderfully positive person. You're strong and faithful and kind and good. You are in my prayers for quick healing. I can only imagine how difficult it is right now, but take the time you need to heal your muscle. Please keep us updated.

I love you sweetie. I'll be praying for you everyday.