Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Louisiana Saturday Night

Posted by Sarah

5:00am- 8.16 miles on Independence/Battlefield St- COMPLETED 1:16:12 (9:20/mile)

I woke up in a great mood this morning, totally optimistic. That feeling, however, has come crashing to the ground. What is wrong with me, folks? How can I live a life so problem free of issues and then all of the sudden my body has revolted against me? It seems the closer I inch to my 28th birthday the more parts of my body that decide not to work properly. I had a super run this morning. The rest I let my foot have yesterday combined with all the stretches paid off. I had little to no pain in my feet. As we're running, however, I feel a little twinge in my upper leg/groin area, but choose to ignore it and run on. It wasn't hurting. I finish the run, walk into the Y locker room, sit down to take off my sneakers and I CAN'T GET UP. I can't move. The pain has locked me up and tied me to the ground. That's right, my girly-girl parts and upper thigh (more appropriately called the groin area) has decided to rail against me. Folks, I can hardly move. What happened????? WHYYYYYYY MEEEEEEEEE????????? I'm so angry and frustrated that I could cry right now. Is anything going to go right for this marathon? How have I had two great experiences and now the third time just sucks? Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that I have a doctor's appointment today. It's even worse because I can't walk properly so EVERYONE wants up in my business to know what is wrong with me and then I get a 20-minute lecture on how running is bad for the body. Please pray that I can find some stretches that alleviate the pain and I can get moving again and pray that I don't kill anyone because they are laughing at me or lecturing me.

I need to go get some coffee but I'm scared to move. I need coffee. I must get up from my chair.

I'll let you all know what the doctor says when I get back. I go in a couple of hours. I'm a little scared about that too.

TODAY I LOVE: Ibuprofen

SONG OF THE DAY: "Louisiana Saturday Night" by Mel McDaniel


Rachel said...

Praise the Lord for things like Ibuprofen and for dr appointments that were already scheduled and suddenly take on a new and more important reason for going. Hopefully he'll be able to show you some stretches or something to help you get some relief. Watching for your post when you get back and praying that things with the fainting spells are easily explainable too!

JenZen said...

OHNOO!!! That's just crazy!! I had problems with my left hip flexor during the Mardi Gras race training. Stretches and ibuprofen really helped.

You're so right...getting old stinks. I find that I really have to listen to my body now. No more being stubborn and "pushing through the pain". Usually I just make it worse.

Good luck at the docs!!! I hope he makes you all better.

tulsasahms said...

I can't believe people gripe at you and tell you that running is bad! Hello! Overall, it's very healthy for you. It's not like you're a chain-smoker. good grief.

Well, I'm anxiously awaiting your post talking about your dr's appt. I hope you're ok.