Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Posted by Sarah

5:00am- 7 miles on Battlefield St- COMPLETED 1:07:32 (9:38/mile)

Good run this morning. It was my first run with D2 (or Deena #2), my new Garmin. It is going to take some adjusting. I don't know any of the menus because they don't correspond to the menus on my old Garmin. It's a touch bezel, and I accidentally bumped it numerous times. It was also my first run with a heart rate monitor. Quite interesting. It was not uncomfortable as I had feared, thankfully. My heart rate never got too low (my fear) but it did get too high a few times and my watch beeped at me. I ate some salted pretzel nibblers before the run and I think that helped my blood pressure a lot.

I have decided that I have to put my book down tonight and not read. I'm obsessed with this series of novels and it is negatively affecting my sleep. Not good! It is going to take some herculean willpower to not pick up the book, but I'm going to do it. It is for my own health.

I got a call from my mom yesterday. A friend of hers has a daughter, who is married, and just found our her husband is struggling with severe pornography addiction. Mom called me to help. It will by Ry and I to the rescue! I'm convinced that we had to go through our struggles so that we can help others. The girl has my number but according to her mom she was too embarrassed to call me. I'm going to call her today. It never hurts to talk. Please pray for her and her husband.

Off to get some coffee...

I almost forgot....HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!

TODAY I LOVE: Special K Protein bars and moleskine notebooks (thank you Sarah!)

SONG OF THE DAY: "They" by Jem


Rachel said...

Glad that you had a good run today and good luck getting used to your new Garmin thingy bopper.

Way to be willing to reach out and help. I'm not sure what you guys have been thru, but if the Lord can use any situation to help others what a blessing it is to be his instrument during that time! Praying that it goes well!