Saturday, August 02, 2008

You Are My Joy

Posted by Sarah

6:00am- 16.22 miles on South Creek Trail- COMPLETED 3:09:12 (11:38/MILE)

I wasn't even going to give you all my time, because it is so poor, but in the end I decided honesty is the best policy. Today was by far the most brutally miserable and painful run I have had in my entire running "career". It was horrid. It was 90 degrees with 97% humidity. The air felt like you were standing in a sauna or in a room with an indoor pool. It was so thick you could never get a good breath. I ran with Chris our group leader for the entire time and for that I am very thankful. He kept me going and vise versa. I knew this run would be a challenge for me, so I set my Garmin to alert me if my pace went under a 9:30. That sounds silly, but I knew with this nasty weather if I didn't control my pace I wouldn't make it in the end. Wow did the alerts go off for a long time! Chris and I maintained 10 minute miles for the first 10 miles, the next 3 miles we averaged 10:30's and then the last 3 miles were a disaster!! They were all in the sun and I thought I was going to die. We did quite a bit of walking on that last stretch which is what totally demolished our average pace. At that point I didn't care what my pace was, I just wanted to be finished!! Several factors contributed to this bad run:

1) It was so hot and humid. And sunny.
2) I failed to eat any energy/electrolyte replacement for the entire run.
3) I was wearing old shoes that have already been run in 2 marathons.
4) I had some serious stomach issues, probably from some of the factors above.

All in all, I'm chalking it up to a bad run that I suffered through but finished none the less. You run can't always be easy and good, if so everyone would be doing it. I was only slightly mollified in my misery in the fact that everyone, even our super fast marathon men, had just a poor a run as I due to the heat. I think we are all going to start running at 5:00am next week.

Ry did really super with his run. He slowed his pace down, was very methodical, and finished strong. He was really proud of himself for controlling his pace enough that he didn't have to walk. I'm proud of him too. Ry finished his 8 miles in 1:37:00 (12:07). He is really becoming addicted to running and I'm just loving that! I can talk about this stuff with him now and he gets it. Such a blessing! Go Ry!

Well...I'm tired, hurting, and a tiny bit cranky so I am going to bed.

My new Runner's World came in the mail today and it's all about our Olympic athletes! Go USA!

TODAY I LOVE: air conditioning and my peaches and silk smoothie

SONG OF THE DAY: "You Are My Joy" by Reindeer Section


anastasia said...

i hope your next run will be better. i like/enjoy summer for fun outdoorsy stuff, but i hate it when it comes to running. kinda like a love-hate relationship.

hey, i was wondering if you'd like to donate to my charity (for autism)? information on my xanga blog (click on my name). if not, that's ok.

JenZen said...

I'm so sorry you had to struggle with your run! Ugh - this heat and humidity is KILLER! 16 miles though!! AWESOME!! My running coach for our long Saturday run group says that you can add about a minute to your pace from running in the heat and humidity. That helps weather the heat a bit. :-)

Thanks for the long comment! For my long runs I usually start at about 6:30 ro 7:00. Luckily the paved trail where I run is shaded and surrounded by tall trees. That really helps keep things cooler. I would die if I had to run in the direct sun. For my other runs I'm having to wait until about 6:30 p.m. I can't wait for it to cool down a bit!

Jeff's Dad's doing much better. He's regained back most of his eyesight and should make a full recovery. The doctor just said that it's one of those things fairly common in older folks.

The author for "Speaker for the Dead" is Orson Scott Card. It's a SciFi genre book. Not usually my type of book but I might give it a try. I just really loved that quote!